Choice of armour in force lists ?

After reading the rules, I’m wondering why there is no mention of armour in force lists. Is there no restriction for those objects?

Not sure, there are a few cases that says a model may have x armor type. I am guessing if it is possible then it is noted, but there are a few models I thought would have some kind of are, maybe it is already figured into the profile.

These cases happen for model with potential power armour and the (free) aviator helmet if I hadn’t miss something. There is the same issue with drugs, alcohol, mod or meat. They are never mentionned (I juste see an exception for free objects and stimpak) in the list of objects allowed or forbidden to the model.

In my opinion, it may be because there is no restriction for this type of objects ( not pretty sure for drugs, meat and alcohol) but I didn’t find a quote in the rule books which confirm or reverse this vision of the rules.

I’m working on a list creator and it will change a little bit the way I build it.

English is not my native langage so I hope that I write more or less correctly ^^

The other thought about this is these list may be strictly intended for PvP game play. If you are running campaign, co-op or AI games then there may be no restrictions. If you want to play competitive head to head matches then you are far more restricted on what can be used.

Do not worry about your English, it is fine.

I forgot that possibility, it may be that too. I just hope not, to have the most choices to build our lists. ^^

The force lists are for Battle Mode (PvP), and specify what a model can take. Anything not listed cannot be taken for that model.

Narrative mode has no such restrictions, take what you want/can afford

Sparcufile is right. The Force Lists are only for Battle Mode games. Regular play (usually referred to as Narrative mode) has almost no restrictions, except things like 1 mod per weapon, creatures can’t use Food - that sort of thing that is specified in the rules.

It means they will be no armour in battle mode for SM for example. It is going to be easier to make a list builder.