Auriel's shield

Could this shield have a misprint?
It is an expensive unique shield (17 septims) wich is really bad, even worst than an Imperial light shield (4 septims) due the keyword Cumbersome, they roll the same dice.

Also worth noting, auriel’s sheld in skyrim have a special effect which implies power bash, surprising to not see it on its CTA card

It seems a big misprint, not only the dice are really weak, it should have that Special effect or something :sweat_smile:

Just to add another comparative upgrade; the Orcish Shield is identical except it rolls a Red rather than a Yellow Dice when spending the block token (i.e. it’s better than Auriel’s), whilst also being cheaper.

Hey all,

That Yellow Dice on Auriel’s Shield should be a black dice. We’ll get this into the next errata.




Doesn’t it have any Special effect like aetherial shield? They have the same cost and they have a lore…
Now I noticed you could not roll an Oblivion so you could not get another Yellow :sweat_smile:.
It is better now obviously, but it is still expensive if it does not have any effect, being Cumbersome, and more chances of rolling a Helmet for a second Green…

Thanks Dom,

Take it that will apply to both versions of the item (the upgrade and the treasure)?

I’m with @DK-dark on it still being a bit…underwhelming. It’s a unique item supposedly belonging to Tamriel’s most prominent deity. In-game it has an enchantment giving it a uniquely powerful shield bash. Meanwhile the CtA version is just a pricey, if pretty decent shield with a keyword that makes shield-bashing actively worst (or at least harder). Seems a shame not to incorporate something a bit special for items like this.


Enchantment (unique): If the result of the Block Skill test when spending a Block token is a (!) and the defender subsequently performs a Shield Bash, then the attacking model is moved as if they were subject to an attack with the Force keyword with a damage value of 1.


Does the cumbersome special rule is also a missprint?

I don’t think so, but it may need some Special effect when you Shield Bash to balance the Cumbersome keyword in this shield…
Even if it was a different shield, maybe Cumbersome on a Shield should be reviewed: spending more Stamina for nothing, when shielding is a bit :face_with_diagonal_mouth:… for example, doing 1 Yellow damage when bashing with a Cumbersome shield could be fine.
With a two handed weapon, at least, you get a better die when you spend 2 Stamina on a powerful attack.

Is that the Master Treasure? The version I’m looking at has a Black die already in the Armor Rating already. That was the dice I meant should be swopped - sorry!

We’ll consider adding another effect to it but that is much bigger change. Feel free to add in your games and let us know how it goes.


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Hi Dom,

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t looked at the Master Treasure version to check but yes, that version looks to be correct. It’s the regular Armour Upgrade version that seems to be a misprint and only has Yellow/Green.

I’ve also only just noticed that the Master Treasure version has a special effect that’s almost identical to the one I suggested above (genuinely a coincidence, I don’t think I’d even looked at it before today).

So…presumably the Upgrade version should have the same special rule?


I checked the original draft and it wasn’t on the regular version. When I’m next on forum duty, I’ll do a check to see if treasure and non treasure versions of the same item need to match and go from there.


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Thanks Dom, given the non-treasure version has a misprint on its dice colours I’d imagine (hope) it probably is missing the special rule as well.

I hope so, paying for it or finding it, being a ‘legendary/unique item’, should be the same item.


I have done a bit of research and concluded the changes to Auriel’s Shield (not the Treasure, the other one) are as follows;

  • Change the Yellow Dice on the Armor Rating to a Black Dice.
  • Add the following Special Rule: When performing a Shield Bash, in addition to other effects the target is moved 6" away as per the Force Damage rules.