Astoundingly awesome tales 3.1

In the scenario 3.1, it seems you could find more than 1 blank Searchable, but the set-up says you put only 1.
The blast result (blue die) says you re-roll if you get the same result later in the game, but It seems impossible, and the rule description says each time you find a blank Searchable token you roll the Blue die, but if you have only 1…
Is having just 1 blank token intended?


Yes, it is intended that you only place down the one blank Searchable as per the Battlefield Set-Up.


But the Blast result in the Clues table says if you have this result a second time (so you need more blank Searchables) re-roll the Blue die.
It just seems odd.

It may seem odd but the scenario functions without any further alterations to it, which is my main aim here. Changing the marker set-up to accommodate an errant piece of text would require players without access to the forum or an eventual FAQ to have a completely different game experience to those with the changes.

The entry on the table and the reference to ‘each time’ in the ‘Find the Trail’ are likely leftovers from a prior version of the scenario. Even the best proofreaders miss things sometimes!

I’d remove the additional text from the Blast section of the table and ‘each time’ from ‘Find the Trail’, so you can effectively only ever find the single blank Searchable.


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