Searchable Tiles Count

Which searchables should each set have? I recently checked, and it seems like I have a full set, but I only have one danger searchable

However, in the most recent Astoundingly Awesome Tales scenario I played, it seemed to imply that there should be two:

Or is the white supposed to imply that it’s one that has a danger on it somewhere?

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Hey @AChapin

What scenario were you playing?


This one was Following the Footsteps, but I noticed the same thing with Breakthrough and Unleash the Beast

Since AChapin brought up this topic I’d have a question related to this: The first 2 icons are also a bit unclear to me: the magnifying glass and the keyhole means which tokens exactly?

I assume that they supposed to mean the Search and Lockpick tests where you NEED to succeed and not the one where you get the item either you succeed or fail but it would be nice to have an official answer.

I’d like to broaden the scope of the original question and ask:

Is there a complete contents list for the FWW core game, including numbers for counters etc.? I might have lost some counters, but it is impossible to tell when you have no idea how many there should be in the first place.


I found a copy of the token sheet and put the following together. I hope it helps.

Range Rulers

2 x Orange

2 x Yellow

2 x Red

2 x Green

2 x Blue

2 x Black

Damage Tokens

33 x Damage/Radiation Damage

25 x 2 Damage/5 Damage

Bonus Dice Tokens

17 x Black Dice/Green Dice

8 x Yellow Dice/-2 Penalty


6 x Lockpick/Computer

8 x Searchable/Investigation

8 x Blank/Investigation

8 x Numbered (1-8)/Investigation

6 x Item/Searchable

1 x Lockpick, Success and Item/Searchable

1 x Lockpick, Fail, Danger, Item, Success and Item/Searchable

1 x Search, Success and Item/Searchable

1 x Search, Fail, Danger, Item, Success and Item/Searchable

1 x Computer, Success and Item/Searchable

1 x Computer, Fail, Danger, Item, Success and Item/Searchable

1 x Danger/Searchable

2 x Danger and Item/Searchable

8 x Blank/Searchable

8 x Letter (A-H)/Searchable


8 x On Fire/Poison

8 x Stunned/Slow

8 x Frozen/Mine

Other Tokens

32 x Critical Point/Reaction

28 x Ready/Used

1 x Advantage/Scatter

26 x Armor Boost/Double Armor Boost

10 x AI Number (1-10)/AI

2 x Dust Cloud/AI

8 x Slow Firing/Empty

10 x Numbers (1-10)

28 x Counting/Double Counting

19 x Lucky/Unlucky

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Hey @AChapin,

Just to be sure that I’m looking at the right version of the scenario, is the screenshot of Searchables from your first post the list from Following the Footsteps? It doesn’t seem to match the Searchables in my copy of that scenario.



They are a typo. Those are the icons for the Search and Lockpick skills, rather than the tokens themselves. We’ll get it fixed.


It seems the scenario 2.3, but there are a lot with the same symbol system, using the Skill Icon there.

Edited: scenario 2.2 has exactly the same icons

Sure. Let’s just check with @AChapin first to be sure.

The magnifying glass is “Identify” and the keyhole is “Lockpick”. Of course, if you don’t have those icons on your unit card, you can’t do them, but some units have aura abilities that give skills to other friendly units and there are items and other cards that might grant the abilities.

My question is not exactly this. In the AAT there are lot of scenarios where (imho) it’s not clear which search/lockpick marker should the player use.

|89px;x89px; |89px;x89px; |89px;x89px; |89px;x89px;

Thanks! Much appreciated, even though it’s now clear we are indeed missing one token. Hopefully, it will turn up again after a thorough search.


Could you provide a list of those scenarios and which markers are proving to be an issue


Sorry for the delayed response. That screenshot is from the Unleash the Beast scenario in the PDF copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales. The filename is FOWW-AATC1.pdf, so maybe there’s an updated version 2 that I haven’t gotten?

The scenarios I’ve seen that have this ambiguous icon issue are:
1.2 An Unlikely Partnership: Battlefield Set-up Step 2
1.3 A Safe Haven: Battlefield Set-up Step 3
2.1 Breakthrough: Battefield Set-up Step 3
2.2 Unleash the Beast: Battefield Set-up Step 3
2.3 All Out War: Battlefield Set-up Step 2
3.1 Following the Footsteps: Battlefield Set-up Step 1
3.2 Secure the Perimeter: Battlefield Set-up Step 3
4.1 Rising Through the Ranks: Battlefield Set-up Step 3
4.2 Sending A Message: Battlefield Set-up Step 3
4.3 The Gauntlet: Battlefield Set-up Step 2
5.1 The Walls Have Ears: Battlefield Set-up Step 2
5.2 Malfunction: Battlefield Set-up Step 2
5.3 Operation: Rescue: Battlefield Set-up Step 2


I’m going to be away this Wednesday but I’ll get on this the week after that. Just incase I’m not able to squeeze it in beforehand, you are not being ignored!


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I’m going to make a start of this as I have some time at the end of a shift. I’m going off of my version of AAT so hopefully, it matches.

  • Replace any instance of the Lockpick/Search/Computers Skill icon in any Battlefield Set-up Step referring to the set up of Searchable Markers with a random corresponding marker of that type. If only one is required, randomise it from amongst the available ones. If multiple are needed, use as many as is needed.

  • If a Set-Up shows a Danger icon for a Searchable, use the Searchable with just the Danger icon on the other side. If that Marker is already being used, use a randomly determined Searchable Marker with a Danger icon on it (such as the Expertise Searchables with a fail result on them).

  • 1.2 An Unlikely Partnership: Replace the mention of five Searchables in Step 2 with four.

  • 5.2 Malfunction: My Set-Up in Step 2 seems to indicate only five Markers, but the scenario needs six. Add the Danger/Searchable Marker in.

I think this fixes things?