Scenario Question : Searchable Token in missions that Don't show any.


In the campaign guide, there are many missions, Police Station Defense, Demolition are examples, and in the extra PDF For scenario 1-5 and 6-10, many of them only show a couple Investigation Tokens.

If these missions don’t show any searchable, we simply don’t put any on the map? It seems like an interesting element is gone from a lot of scenarios if that is true. I’m not sure if I’m just missing something about that, or if I am correct


If they’re not needed for a scenario, I’m planning on including searchable things based on whether it seems to make sense for them to be there. Ie, if the mission is taking place among some little explored ruins, then I’ll probably scatter a few searchable tokens around. It’s thematically appropriate and makes the game more interesting, in my opinion at least :slight_smile:

Usually you only place searchable markers if the scenario calls for it. (So they don’t distract you from the mission objective too much.) Of course you should play however you want, so if everybody agrees to more searchable markers go nuts! :smiley:

It does seem weird to me, that many scenarios, don’t show the searchable markers, and I asked the same question about a week or so ago, and the answers I got was. add some if you want.

Which while I understand helps, I wish there was better guidelines. When playing settlement games. I would expect to have some searchable tokens on every map, but it seems like is an option thing up to the players. (but not mentioned in the rules anywhere)

The Searchables shown in the scenarios are just the mandatory ones for the scenario. You can then add as many, or few, Searchables for general items to be found in the wasteland as you like during set-up (so long as it doesn’t unbalance a scenario, of course, i.e. if a scenario is about finding items then adding more would change things). No specific number of additional Searchable tokens was included in the scenarios to allow players to vary the chances of finding items in their scenarios as they wished. Like you say, finding stuff in the wasteland is part of Fallout, so I always throw at least a few random Searchables (excluding any with letters). I’ll add a note to the FAQ about this, or maybe an errata to battlefield set-up so this is clear. Thanks.

You can also curate your Item decks to theme the scenario’s area, i.e. in an area with lots of stores, you may want more food items; in a hospital the item deck can contain more stimpaks and chems, etc.