Battlemode VPs - any other way to get them?

We’ve been using Battlemode to dip our toes into FWW. Today, we played Hold the Line, which places a pair of Searchables on the table as objectives. You gather VPs by standing alone next to one of these Searchables. This appears to be the only method mentioned of gaining VPs - I did not see a generic rule granting VPs for kills, for instance. So, does this mean that if one player reaches the objectives, sits on them for one turn, and then searches them, which removes them from the table, the other player now has no way of ever winning the game? Seems a bit weird, so I’m hoping we missed something.

I believe in that scenario the tokens are just objectives. You can’t search them to remove them from play.

For your more general question: no, there are no generic points that apply to all scenarios.

OK, that’s an interesting idea…what leads you to that conclusion? Is there anything actually in the scenario or Battlemode rules that explicitly says this?

While there is nothing stating that the tokens can not be removed, that looks like an error on Modiphius’ part. It’s a "King of the Hill’ match, and you can’t remove the hills during them. At least, not that I’ve ever seen.

I can’t seem to find that scenario, but there are a few things that would implicitly tell you that you can’t interact with and remove the markers. If either of these apply, then there isn’t actually anything missing:

  • if the scenario actually uses Investigation markers, rather than Searchable markers. Since Investigation markers act as per scenario rules, then if there isn’t a rule to remove them, it’s all good.

  • If the scenario does use Searchable markers, but they have a letter on the back. Lettered Searchables can only be interacted with as per scenario rules, so, again, all the bases would be covered.

I agree it likely needs an errata, but thought I’d check if I missed anything first. If Kills also counted for VPs (from some global rule I had missed), then removing the objectives is not as bad.

Noisy, the scenario in question is on p5 of the Battle Mode pdf, and is actually the first scenario. The scenario does not describe what sort of Searchable marker, and the image of the battlefield shows the generic red toolbox. In contrast, the Defend Your Stash scenario on p6 specifically uses lettered Searchable markers. Interestingly, the Raiders scenario on p8 uses a mix of lettered and blank markers, and the scenario text says to place them Red side faceup, but the table layout image shows all markers lettered, and lettered side up… And lastly, the Scrapyard scenario on 9 uses toolbox searchable markers, never says the markers don’t get removed, but then gives an explicit rule allowing multiple models to search them per round…heavily implying they don’t get removed. Of course, this also then begs the question of whether they can provide items or other effects like a normal Searchable Marker.

Now that I look at the pdf again, p4, which I assumed to be another scenario, seems to be a general rule used in all of these scenarios? So, maybe there IS intended to be a secondary way to earn VPs.

Somehow I had missed that Battle Mode PDF!

Yeah, it looks like you’re right that the Preparing the Battlefield section gives a universal set of VPs that apply to all Battle Mode scenarios.

However, given that Hold the Line still doesn’t specify what should be on the other side of the searchable markers, and that they represent entrances you’re defending, I’d still say that you shouldn’t be able to search and flip them (probably could use an Errata to make that clearer though - @WriterJames)

I’ve asked Wargames Manager Jon to provide an answer as he’s the source for Battle Mode. I believe the answer is that the Searchables Markers are just markers for VPs and can not be interacted with to examine their contents (or removed). Pending Jon’s answer, I’ll add it to the FAQ.


Excellent, looking forward to a final answer. May I also suggest, then, updating the Battle Mode document, please?

Hi guys, Jon here.

As you have correctly guessed, the intent is those scenario points are locked in place for the entire game. No matter how you are instructed to interact with them, they are not removed unless specifically told to do so.

You only score VPs through the “table” scenario and/or the personal objectives you have chosen as per page 4.

We will add a note to the errata.

Coming soon, we are doing the resin objective markers which we may substitute for the missions, but we didn’t want to prevent players from cracking on with battle mode or be forced to buy extra things, so used the tokens from the core game in slightly different ways from the standard.

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Great, that makes sense.

So, are you intended to be able to actually search the Searchable Markers as well, even if you can’t remove them, or is the intent that they are simply marking out a spot on the table?

I’m about to start putting an FAQ together so will open a thread for that.

But no, they are not “searchables” in these instances unless the scenario specifically calls that out.

Started a new thread (stickied) so we can compile questions and do another pass on Battle mode in the future while letting players get on playing.

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