Anything new at Gencon for Dune?

Is there any word on anything fancy for dune to be showcased at gencon?

We had hoped to have the new stuff ready but sadly not quite.
However we will have all the Dune product line, including plenty of copies of Agents.
I’ll also be on the stand for anyone who wants a demo or to chat Dune
(and keeping an eye out for agents of House Thalim :slight_smile: )

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:disguised_face: There is no Danny to interfere in my plans this time!

I will sadly not be attending gencon this year. I was hoping to have someone do some ninja shopping for me while there. Thanks for the reply.

Muad’Dib always knows, his vision is absolute. :slight_smile:

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Everything will be out in the shops so you won’t miss anything.
In fact, we may have some more news very soon. :slight_smile:

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