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Adventure inspiration

Hi, I was wondering what everyone is getting ideas from. Currently I am taking heavily from the RPGs Shadows over Sol and Corporation, but want to expand my resources.

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Ooh, Corporation - good reference!

I’ve been using mainly films and video games for my ideas. I’ve used Silent Hill, Jacob’s Ladder, and M.C. Escher and some other surrealist art as ideas for how to handle Muawijhe related powers and events.

I’ve researched historical and recent war tactics and strategies a bit to learn how to handle each of the factions favored style of warfare for military scenarios (such as the Vietnam War for jungle warfare on Venus, WWII German Blitzkrieg for Bauhaus offensives, and trench warfare for Imperial sieges).

I tried to run a campaign where my main inspirations were System Shock, Aliens, and Event Horizon, but I wasn’t able to do anything with it due to lack of consistent players, but I think would have been great if it managed to get started.

I’ve used various Japanese and Chinese films, and a couple of games (such as Sleeping Dogs), for Mishima, especially martial arts films and anime for the Mishiman Martial Artists.