A step aside from the novels?

I really love Dune : Adventures in the Imperium. So much that it decided me to run my own game (I was afraid for years to become a GM).
I’m having a blast and I find great that the 2D20 give us so much liberty in the narrative.
I must say, though, that I would have liked a lot that the books to make a side step from the Dune novels. Especially, with Sand and Dust being centered on Arrakis and the new talents, for example, are difficult to use on another planet. I don’t see how I would use any of the Sand and Dust’s content in my campaign.
Do you plan to release books that would give us more generic things, suitable for more various stories?

Also I’m thinking of allowing custom talents for my players and also my NPCs. Would Modiphius agree if I create a topic for that in the forum?

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There are two more non-adventure supplements that we know about.

  • Houses of the Landsraad. This focusses on House management, roles in the House and the ability to grow your House.
  • The Imperial Court. Rules for advanced characters and more on playing politics. My suspicion is that we will see some detail on Kaitain as that is the Imperial homeworld where the court is set.

These will almost certainly include more generic talents and mechanics that can be used anywhere your game is set.

Other than that we have 2 adventures coming:

  • Agents of Dune. This is sort of a starter set (Though not a starter set, I’m getting mixed messages when I probe on this). The name suggest that it will be focussed on Arrakis, though may have some off-world elements.
  • Masters of Dune. Though it has Dune in the name this has been described as ‘Galaxy Spanning’ so presumably a large amount will be else where in the Imperium.

Beyond these we have been teased about a book on the Bene Gesserit, which I assume will encompass Wallach IX as that is where the BG Chapter House is based.

Modiphius is pretty relaxed about custom stuff for their games as long as you don’t try to monetise it or use art, etc. that you don’t have rights to.
Just look over at the STA section and the sheer number of starships and similar that fans have made of the game.
I’d say go for it and we can all chip in as well. :smiley:

Oh, and congrats on becoming a GM. Back in the day Dune was my first proper step into being a confident GM, rather than someone who fumbled around blindly at running a game.

Yes indeed, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Thalim is right in that we have plenty more planned and will be taking the action off Arrakis very soon.
Its a big Imperium and while Arrakis is one of the most important planets (and full of adventure possibilities) it is just the starting place.

As to home brews and House rules, please do indeed post stuff here and share your ideas.
It is what the forums are for in many ways.
But we are not able to offer a community content programme or the like.
So we can’t allow anyone charging for stuff or using any of our art and designs.
(even for free)

However, I am interested in adventures which might potentially be published by us if they are what we need. We have two or three in development at the moment from new writers.
To warn you though, its 5000-8000 words and we need it written up fully not just the idea.
(but pitch me first before getting stuck in)

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Thanks to both of you. This is good news, and I can’t wait to see this new content coming!
As for writing an adventure, that is something I didn’t consider because I’m probably too much a beginner in the game for that. But we’ll see how my campaign goes and I might get in touch with you.

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