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A-Pork-a-Lyptic BBQ

Diner 3D model by Matthew Rumsey, modified with an extra misprint roof section, foundation, and furniture.

The model itself is a pretty sturdy and to-the-point piece. There’s not much room inside to work with, and if Modiphius ever makes an official Drumlin Diner model (here’s hoping!) I really hope there’s a bit more space to work with, and some sense to where the counter and seating might go – but as a compromise for a quick-and-dirty representation of a retro-futuristic diner, this does the job. A really nice feature is that there’s a sturdy “slot/dock” setup for the body and roof: you line up the slots and it “locks” in place fairly easily, but can just as easily be lifted off to provide interior access.

It was a pretty big model, and had to be done in sections. A friend of mine did the printing and let me have a spare mis-printed section of roof to play with, and I turned that into an extension on the back for a drive-through window. (It doesn’t match the Drumlin drive-through style at all, but I wasn’t going for a Drumlin recreation per se.)

The “A-Pork-a-Lyptic BBQ” sign is removable, made from an insert piece I removed from my Pixar Cars “Flo’s V8 Cafe” set I converted into a Poseidon Energy Fuel & Fusion Stop. (Basically, the roof of the main building flips up for a little “play area” inside that only made sense in toy-logic, so I removed the interior pieces to salvage for other uses, and glued the roof down.)

The “pig” mascot is from a Safari Ltd “Down on the Farm Toob.” The “DINER” and “APORKALYPTIC” lettering is from some DCWV letterboard lettering (black, 1/2" high). The “BBQ” letters are laser-cut wood letter leftovers from another project. (All three items I picked up from JoAnn Fabric.)

The building is based on a Secret Weapon Miniatures “Tablescapes” terrain tile (“Urban Streets (Damaged)” foundation tile) – from a batch of overstock duplicates I got on a flash sale a while back (so I had extras to spare chopping up and modifying for projects like this).

Entryway steps are just a couple of spare rectangular plastic bases.

I didn’t have much space to work with inside, but crammed in a few tables and benches. (Combination of 3D-printed bits, cardboard, scrap, and putty.) The main counter with the rounded end is actually a Modiphius STL print. I built up a corner counter area in an attempt to represent some sort of food prep and cooking space (precious little of it in this tiny diner), with sink (faucet made from wire), and food warmers (plastic cylinders cut in half). The mystery food-processor-drink-dispenser-thingamajig at the end of the counter is just cobbled together from broken wind-up toy piece and some random plastic 40K bit. (I’ve no idea what it’s SUPPOSED to be, but I figured there should be some sort of gizmos. The food and drink have to come from somewhere, right?)

I used a Dremel and some putty to make a “drive-through” lane in the back. To support the overhang extension, I used some “Power City” construction set girders (basically knock-offs of the old classic “Girder & Panel” construction play sets) so I’d have supports I could plug in or remove as necessary for transport/storage (since otherwise supports like that are just begging to get broken off if stuff shifts around). The original model had two big open doorways – one on each side – but in order to have a reasonable place to put a counter and have a drive-through window, I transformed one of the doorways into the drive-through window by building and adding a counter (foam bits, cardboard, and putty).