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A Mystic leaving the Brotherhood

While generating characters, the idea of a mystic leaving the brotherhood and becoming a paranormal investigator was suggested. As zealous as the Brotherhood is, I would think they would be extremely unwilling to let someone with that level of training in the Art just quit. Am I wrong in thinking this?


As a GM, I would suggest to avoid absolutes. If a player have a specific idea on how the background of his/her character should be, than I would allow it. In this case there is also a simple “loophole” that could be used. On page 98 in the Brotherhood source-book, there are suggestions on alternative careers, the Observer primary career for example would make an excellent choice for a paranormal investigator.

If you don’t have that book, in the Core Rules just let the player choose Intelligence Operative on page 54.

I would argue that leaving the Brotherhood should always be a possibility, but that the character would make enemies, say 2d6 worth maybe?


I concur, with Andrax. Don’t trick yourself into “extremely unwilling” = impossible! My first thoughts on this are, while the Brotherhood are religious nut jobs, they are also very corporate and political! Sometimes the most improbable ideas make very good backstories. Like being shamed and looking for redemption, having a secret mission, pulling favorites and using loopholes…

For an example: I brought a captain from the Order of Fear into the Luna PD, by establishing that there has been attacks & assassinations against Bauhaus Nobles which couldn’t be solved. After pointing a lot of blame to everyone else, Bauhaus now “supports” the PD with the members of the Order, to improve the general questioning techniques… while still looking for clues on the perpetrators.


Sorry, I have to disagree sadly!
If a Mystic try to leave the Brotherhood, he or she will be hunt as Apostate! They are the worst kind of heretics for the Brotherhood!
There is a reason, that knowledge of the Art isn’t spread to all Megacorps.
Everyone with this knowledge has either close tights to the Brotherhood or is hunted.
But maybe this PI is just a cover of an Brother. Or if you posses Mishima or Bauhaus Sourcebooks, there are two more ways to get the Art: within Bauhaus are Secret Orders, which teach the Art. Or within Mishima are “Ki”-Master, which teach the Art. But both ways are also under prosecution of the Brotherhood!
Again: there is no way of leaving the Brotherhood legal, once you are in, you stay in. If you are leaving, especially as one trained in the Art, you will hunted!

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I think it’s based on a matter of trust. With any large organization there are always individuals that have their own thoughts on how things should be as well as constantly happening events that influence thought and belief at the moment, but from trying to understand the general beliefs of the Brotherhood as a whole from what’s written for 3rd Edition, if the Brotherhood trusts you they’ll help you if you help them.

Certain Bauhaus Orders are allowed to learn Arts because they help the Brotherhood in the long run, the Zlogorian Orthodox Deacons in the Whitestar book are able to learn Arts because they help run an organized religion that’s based on fighting against the Dark Legion and helping the Brotherhood with it. The Art users they hunt down that aren’t Apostates (Brothers that are Heretics) are Renegades and considered Heretics until proven otherwise, Mishima White Mystics and Siege Perilous conspiracy members, and even then they might to convert or hold them until they convert and help the Brotherhood whether or not they actually are Heretics.

It’s easy to treat the Brotherhood like they are the Ecclesiarchy from 40K, but from what I have read for 3rd Edition, they are more like cynical idealists than bridge burning fanatics. They try to purge the Corruption from Heretics souls if they can, and put them in the Cardinal’s Asylum of Lost Souls on Luna if it has to be for the long run, so I can believe that if a Brother, layman or not, is unhappy with their current lot in life and as long as they continue to be trusted to help the Brotherhood whenever they can over anyone else, the Brotherhood will let them enjoy the simpler things of life than memorizing more mnemonic verses of Art spells until they come back willingly or with force if they lose control. Never mind that it’s a risk to let negative feelings fester in somebody like an Arts user, which is probably what makes Apostates in the first place, they feel like caged birds and the only way to break free is to make a deal with the devil. Better to die free than live as a slave and all that.

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