DS Campaign Status - Need Advice

Things have been progressing quite nicely.

Players have been working Freelancer for the LPD, and managed to solve the whole issue with Karl Sterling and his Incursid summoning cult. They’ve loved it, but I’m pretty sure the minute they get told they’re setting off to Mars on some errand for Group 5?
They’re going to quit.

Now. Here’s the issue.
These characters have no qualms about that. Because, they have been doing this out of… let’s say philantropic reasons. They don’t need the money, and have in fact been paying bills for several of the Farm’s fallen police officers.

Well. Here’s the characters.

  • Takeda Ayame, the uppity black sheep of the Takeda keiretsu, who has been exiled to Luna, while the rest of her family is winning honor in the fight against Algeroth. An Earnings of 6 makes it kinda hard to keep her around against her will, but she has been working with the LPD for alliviate her boredom.
  • Connor Drougan, the young heir apparent to Clan Drougan, has been sent to Luna while the War rages, to avoid the fate his older brother suffered. Connor is a former Wild Rose, and has been helping out the LPD solely out of his good heart. Because, well, his earnings of 5 makes him far above the usual paygrade. But, he still does it, because he does good things.
  • Brother William, a former highborn Bauhauser, William joined the Brotherhood on his father’s request, hoping to do their part in the fight against the darkness. He has been helping the LPD when it became clear that they were woefully understaffed to deal with the issues at hand. To him, Parasol is exactly the sort of corporatism that have been dooming humanity since the CorpWar.

One might dare to ask? Why did you even allow characters with that sort of Status in the campaign?
Well. That’s simple. Because I had not read the DSC in complete detail.

First, we have the issue of wrangling them into working with Lukic and Group 5. That’s going to be hard, no matter what. He could just throw Dice at them, but that just feels wrong. All of them have pretty angry at Group 5 for not supporting the entire prescient during the crisis, and will probably end railing against any sort of cooperation with any company that is not the Cheapside Station itself. Especally as Don Stevia has become some sort of running joke among the players.
“A fat, Capitol Trillionaire? I guess the Pillsbury Doughboy did succeed in turning a profit… etc.”
And when they get drafted into working with Capitol? They’ll rebel. There’s no way around it.

Second, once it gets revealed that they’re going to be transporting a Queen, they’re going to flip as well. The Brother will try to call every friend he has, and try to stop it.

I’m considering changing the angle on this little venture. Any ideas?
As soon as I have them in interplanetary space, I’m pretty golden.
Although, Fuji station is going to be… hard as I have a Samurai Lord with Earnings 6, 4 Influence Dice, signature Lifestyle and a hell of a lot of Assets…

You also remember that their Earnings and Assets would most likely link to Homeworks/Base of Operation, so if they not from Cybertronic, to get access to their wealth on other planets would be more difficult and would need much more time.