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Hazarding Other Faction Careers?

I didn’t see this but is it possible to hazard another faction’s careers? For example can someone from Yu Jing hazard the mercenary career Warmonger for their first career or do they have to defect to mercenary faction first?

Oops! Nevermind. I just found it. My bad.

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just because it might help other people who come later to the forum, per pg 54 of the core book:

“If you roll a career on a Faction Career Table other than your own, there is a chance that you have defected to that faction. Roll 1d20, on a roll of 1 change your current faction. You do not have to make a defection check if you hazard a career on another Faction Career Table. You only make the defection check if you randomly roll on that table.”


Ah. So if I’m playing a Yu Jing character who just got out of the Wu Míng assault corps and hazards becoming a Chimera, I would defect to the Nomads and then I decide to become a warmonger I would defect to the Mercenary faction. Is that correct? Or taking another example my chimera becomes a sports personality/TAG pilot would they defect to another faction or could they still stay in the Nomad faction? Or does the defection check only take place for your first career?

no defection check for hazarding. only for random dice rolls and only a five percent chance of actual defection.

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Makes sense. I appreciate the answer there!