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Recreation joining the O-12

So I wonder if anyone could give me some advice or ideas for incorporating a Recreated into the default setting of Infinity (The Bureau Noir). It seems to me that a someone has invested lots of money into the character, so just letting go and have them join the O-12 seems a bit off?

Or is that why the character has a huge debt? I could perhaps see it as a way that the character needs to cover at least some of the cost to the Faction that ordered her creation once she defects to 0-12.

To be honest, the whole joining Bureau Noir can be hard to explain for many other careers as well to me. Like Imperial Agents and the like. Or do you guys have some insight in this?

I can see that the covert missions from respective faction is a way that they (the Factions) still get a fair deal from it, but overall it seems to me that losing let’s say an Imperial Agent to O-12 could mean other risks instead with Faction - secrets at risk etc.

It also seems to me in that same train of thought that it is a bit weird that the characters can keep gear from their careers. Do the Knightly Orders really give their super powered armor away for free as the character quit?

The setting has lo-----ads of info, so it may be covered somewhere, but missed by me, if so I’m sorry. Otherwise, I’m curious in how you run all this and if you could offer som ideas or insight in the case of Recreations furthermost.

For a recreation being on special assignment/loaned out to O-12 and Noir isn’t out of the question. It’s a good PR boost for the faction they are from and O-12. Also if the recreation isn’t “freed” then it’s very much tied to Aleph and Aleph and O-12 have a symbiotic relationship.

This is something Noir is struggling with in universe because they need the agents due to the Combined Army presence on Paradiso. It seems they’re fine taking the risk getting types like Hexa Agents, Imperial Agents, and other intelligence types to work with them. The Wilderness of Mirrors really plays upon this.

I have seen a GM let intelligence types also go undercover from their respective group to not attract attention to themselves within Noir. It would be safe to say Noir probably doesn’t like that and tries to curtail it but it’s a good in for those odd ball choices within Noir.

  • “Fell off a truck”.
  • Departing gift from the organization for a distinguished career.
  • Picked up a stolen version.
  • No one asked for it back, yet.

Gameplay wise it’s just to get characters gear without them having to spend time and money on acquiring them afterwards.

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Thanks alot for taking the time to answer my newbie questions!

I can see the PR part in this, however it seems it is not uncommon for Noir missions to be stealthy and using fake ID’s which should complicate that part somewhat, no?

But think what I have been perhaps neglecting a bit is that O-12 is a high status thing in a way that our modern UN cannot really approach. Having personnel tied to it is both good PR and occasionally insight and covert advantages, right?

As for the Gear, yeah I think I will go with either it being a parting gift or maybe that the O-12 has secured the gear to make sure their agent can perform at optimal levels.

Depends on the mission. However, when it comes to cover it might be even easier working around the recreation using their real identity. The rest of the team could be their entourage or maybe the production crew of a maya show doing a piece on said recreation.

Also being more covert doesn’t just mean fake IDs and being stealthy. It’s also about cleaning up traces after the fact. Aleph already does this with Achilles and its other black ops assets erasing footage, censoring maya, and so on. Stuff might end up on Arachne but the only ones paying attention there are Nomads, intelligence organizations, and very few people from the rest of the Human Sphere.

Very much so.

O-12 is the UN with teeth, power, and prestige that the UN could only dream of.


You could also be a recreation who was designed to work for O-12, and while being based on a famous character, this could be classified to allow you to work undercover.


Thanks both for your insights! I feels clearer to me now!

I’m going to make on small addition. The significant number of the recreations in the setting have a history of going off and doing whatever they want regardless of who had them made or what they were supposed to be doing. It seems that for every Jon of Arc, you end up with an Avicenna.

I guess it’s the problem with super humans, with awesome skills and an iron will. They can be difficult to control.

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Although, “going rogue” and “doing whatever they want” might be just what they were supposed to be doing. ALEPH works in mysterious ways and might have an interest in “planting” some “rogue” recreations somewhere.

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FrankF has fully embraced the Wilderness of Mirrors.

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I really like that angle as well. As ALEPH in itself is too complex to grasp, it could perhaps see benefits in seemingly rogue or deviant behaviour towards the greater good for humanity (or for ALEPH :slight_smile: )

It is as always. Mama ALEPH knows best.

I second the foresight on alephs part. Maybe the nomads will be right after all. We’ll have to see if we’re creating our own EI.

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For example a recreation of James Bond…or Xander Cage…etc. nothing says a recreation has to be based on a real world character :slight_smile:

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There’s already been the Sherlock Holmes recreation, so there’s precedent …