Imperial characters and choosing the education

Maybe a stupid question:
But when an Imperial character pays one or two LP for choosing his education, is he still limited to the schools listed within his clan description (+ Brotherhood).
Imo the clan list still limited his opinion, but one my players argument the text says “for 1 LP choose from Standard (+ Brotherhood Academy) and for 2 LP choose from Elite (+ Brotherhood Apprenticeship)” And nowhere is the clan list mentioned
What is correct?

I would still limit it, for this is a Clans matter. Unless you roll an live event and/or have some interesting background reasons to allow it.

Yeah, that is what I thought, too.
But his argument was: “paying 2 LP for joining an Elite is the same amount as for allowing a Bauhaus character to choose an Elector House. An so, it should be allow a not-listed school.”
Basically I can understand him, but I was not sure, if this is RAI?

For Bauhaus you can pay 2 LP for the Elector House and then still 1 LP for education column A and B, or 2 LP for column C. There is no discount to the education. Unless i missed some lines while quick checking right now.

While in Imperial you pay 1 LP to be Clan affiliated, or 2 LP be a member of the actual Clan bloodline. Then the almost same education process. while it seems limited for the spacific Clans, it’s also more tailored to them, because of the family ties.

I don’t really see the point, it’s almost identical. Is it something he can’t have, or just for the sake of the argument?

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