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Homebrew Thread - New MC materials

In this thread I will post new materials that I have created, some have already been shared on the old forum, some will be new. In any case this is a labor of love for the setting and the incredible world it offers.
The materials will be posted sorted by category in PDFs, for ease of access and transparency. I will try to upload the old files as fast as possible, but I might be forced to repost the links in new posts to update them.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Hombrew thread index v.1

Character creation:

Bauhaus New Noble Families v. 1
Capitol Regional Origin v. 1
Imperial New Clans v. 1


Military (Basic) career variants v. 1

Imperial New Careers & Equipment v. 1


Dark Eden Armor v. 1
Trishula Weapons v. 1


The dreaded “edit lock” has happened, so I have to continue here. I’m not going to repost the old links, just add the new ones here. The Imperial career document has some typo corrections and Hurricane Walker load outs I forgot to add before.


Bauhaus New Careers & Equipment v. 1

Capitol New Careers & Equipment v. 1

Imperial New Careers & Equipment v. 2

Mishima New Careers & Equipment v. 1

PS: As there is very little I’ve done for Cybertronic and Whitestar I’m going to put them in one file.


I would like for some one to help med find errors in my new character sheets. I’ve made the fillable, and TAB’ed, but sometimes weird things happen when you make a PDF file. I’m new to this forum so I’m not allowed to upload files yet, if you want to check them out pls contact me and I’ll find a way to share them.
I’ll probably use MS One Drive for this.


Material looks really good. I’m going to do some playtests with some of this.

Great work, thanks !

Capitol link is wrong, should be:

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Thanks. Sadly the edit lock happened and I can’t change the link.

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