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Homebrew - format, categories, discussion

Hi everyone,
it is I, Leclerc! Or rather it’s me Marcin, who had been the most prolific homebrew poster for MC in the old forum. Because of real life issues I have had been forced to hang up my old hat and stop posting for more than a year. But now that we have a new forum and I have more time, I decided to repost the old materials and add to them. I’m also correcting the texts, formatting them anew, fixing typos etc.

Before I start the mammoth work of reposting the old archive of my work (I don’t feel comfortable reposting other people’s work, sorry), I want to ask everyone to tell me how they want it to be posted. Because i’m pretty certain having it as plain text posts won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Also, it’s good to be back.


Welcome back mate.

Welcome back - I’d suggest a PDF (dead easy to save/convert from LibreOffice or MS Office these days. :smiley:

I like the idea of putting everything in a PDF, or rather PDFs sorted by type.
I’m conflicted by the index I’ve had made before, on the one hand it illustrates neatly what’s on offer, on the other it’s quite large. Need to sleep on it.

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need help ?