Swordmasters, etc

I know this has been brought up before. From what I saw, the Imperial Court book is supposed to handle more advanced characters? Just wondering that is still the plan, and if we are expecting to see anything official expanding to more advanced characters? In particular, Swordmasters of Ginaz? If that is the case, any word on when we might expect to see that? I was really excited by the Houses preview from ModCon, so go me thinking about it. @Andy-Modiphius

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We’ve not really had much more revealed about Imperial Court other than what is already out.
As I recall the actual way that Andy phrased it was “Advanced characters, like Ginaz Swordmasters”. (Andy has learned to hedge his words when I am listening… :sleepy: ) So that sounds like there will be multiple options for advanced characters in Imperial Court.

Timeline wise we are looking at Houses of the Landsraad coming out early 2023 per ModCon. So far, they haven’t had any releases overlapping so I’m not expecting to see pre-orders for Imperial Court until Houses is out for a month or so.
My money would be on Q2 2023 for the pre-orders to open with the actual book hitting around summertime.

Yup, it will be a little while before we have preorders for Houses.
But we’re on track so preorder shouldn’t be too far after Masters is properly out on general release.

Cool. Any chance we could get any more information about what options for advanced characters means? Like, is it a straight increase in power level? Or more stuff like the Bene Gesserit or Mentat talents that let you do things that are beyond what characters can typically do. For example, I think it would be cool if a Swordmaster had unique dueling options, such as an additional benefit or option when they perform a subtle or bold move.

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We’ll be doing more detail on what’s coming up as the books come out.
If I tell you too much now it’ll just be that bit more painful to wait for the next book. :slight_smile:
Anyway, I can already feel Danny giving me a hard stare. :slight_smile:
But rest assured the reason we’ve held off on some things is to make sure they have the correct treatment and the attention they deserve.

So you should be in position to release some more information, say, early December? :thinking:

And if someone happened to turn up to a convention around that time with inducements you might be persuaded to let slip some additional information?..

Hmmmmm. They’d better be really good brownies :slight_smile:

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