Zero Point campaign


Finally getting around to running an A!C campaign, and considering to start with Three Kings.
I was wondering, is there a guideline to create new characters for this one, that can continue into Heroes of the Sea?
How much XP would they have, as the pregens are clearly not beginning characters, they even dont seem to be balanced


I will take advantage of this topic and ask a question here.


In “Code of Honour” the nazis find a serpent men temple dedicated to Nyaralothep in Tunis … but the serpent men have their own god Yig. It is also said that the last emperor summoned the Nyaralothep because he did not understand what is the Azell Bell ritual used for and the serpent Empress had to send him back. This gives an impression that the ritual should not be used by the serpent men and the Empress knows that…so why she would ally with the Germans and give them the ritual to use together with the Punic Device as the ending suggests??

I’m looking at them tonight. I’ll post here - they were for 6th Ed Call of Cthulhu (Savage Worlds may differ too, but I’m not looking at them), so their 7e equivalents are very likely to be different.