! - WWTA5 newsflash -!

Confirmed, WWTA5 not to be published by VTM5 creators. OWOd cross compatibility?, I wonder…


We’ve had this news for a week or so, haven’t we?

They’ve said that the game will share similar mechanics to V5, but be different in specific areas - presumably relating to being a Werewolf one assumes.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing if the games are kept slightly apart. Some of the crossover stuff in previous editions got a bit silly. Sam Haight springs to mind…

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Sam Haight was a joke based off the fact they used the same name for examples in all the books at one point, he was never meant to be an actual character but then they did a crossover adventure to get rid of him.

If they’d just stuck with one distributor and had them all built from the ground up V5 could have been epic

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First time here! (from what I could see :grimacing:)

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