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Will there be update to Core Book & Storyteller Screen after VtM Companon release?

The free supplement VtM Companion introduces rules update & errata, the main one being how Blood Surge works.

Are there plans to update the digital version of the core book and storyteller screen with the corrections?

Well, according to the Companion they will be included in the next printing, so that is your answer. I’d imagine that if they do a new print copy they will have to update the PDF too.

I would say, however, as rules changes and updates go they are not particularly major - more clarifications of rules in at least a couple of cases. The major changes are that Blood Surge and Bane Severity ratings now run from 1-6 rather than 0-5 as you say.

I think the other big question is whether the new material on Clans, Ghouls and Mortals will make it into a hardcopy book?

This will infuriate a lot of people who invested good amount of money in the slipcase and hardcovers :smiley:

I hope they update Storyteller screen too, though I am not sure how update will be pushed as Modiphius store is not sending notification as DTRPG on product update.

The specifically said on the Official WoD Discord and during the WoD Stream talking about the Companion that the errata section would be integrated into future printings of the core book. They didn’t mention anything about including those changed rules.

I personally wouldn’t bet on it, as 1. that creates problems in general and 2. the 65 page PDF is free to download, so there’s no real reason to rejigger the whole book to fit 65 more pages when it’s free to download.