Who's pledged? Who's thinking about it?

…so this an open post really. I’ve spent about half an hour trawling through the pledge page,I was originally going to go with the ‘middle’ tier but after seeing the ‘all in/£220 tier’ and tatting around on a calculator, I may have to break into my ‘New Guitar’ fund…

I backed at the “All In” tier very early on in the campaign (I am backer number 336). Since then I have been going back and forth in my mind as to whether this was a good idea or not.

When the campaign first went live there was a frankly shocking amount of negativity toward to the whole thing, even by internet standards. As time went by and I read more of the comments it seems to fall into a couple of camps:

  1. This game isn’t exactly what I imagined it should be so therefore it is awful
  2. I don’t like the video game art on the cards (so therefore it is awful)

So it mostly comes down to people being unhappy about what it isn’t, without giving fair airtime to what it is.

Having watched many hours of playthroughs, thoughts and opinions from a variety of outlets I am happy to keep my pledge as it is. The game looks like it has a lot of potential for fun and I look forward to playing it.

My take on the pledge levels is that, if you are going to back it on Gamefound at all (rather than wait for retail) then All In is the only way to go. It gives you the largest number of exclusives and I for one never get much use out of PDF add-ons because I am a sucker for having the physical product.

I’m not bothered by the card art. All things being equal I’d like to see artwork, not game renders, because the artwork Modiphius put in their other products is beautiful but I know that’s not an option here for irritating licence-based reasons. It’s no deal breaker. The thing that almost made me cancel my pledge is the minis. I come from a background of tabletop wargaming so the pre-assembled PVC minis (as opposed to multi-part minis for me to assemble and paint) are a significant minus point. I am gambling that the quality is good enough that I’ll still enjoy painting them. I know from the Call to Arms minis that the sculpts are top notch so a slight loss of detail isn’t going to destroy them.

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TBH I spent about three weeks checking the Gamefound pledge page and finally committed (like a mental asylum) to the middle tier with just the added minis. With it this close to Christmas and last payday before Chrimbo just last week I thought I’d cut back on ALL IN… I too hope that it is decent enough but one clincher was the TTS demo which shows transparency from the designers and the company.

Also I backed the Conan Tower of the Heffalump board game and that was a gamble that paid off… also you only live once (hopefully) and I missed out on the Witcher Boardgame a few years back…

So yeah… I’ll pop back on these forums when the game arrives… in August 2022!!!