71 of 73 Stretch Goals Unlocked

so… the last time I checked the GF page for SBG the pledge total was £1.2 million or there abouts and still rising live prior to the ‘end date’… fast forward a few days/weeks and I spotted the 71 of 73 stretch goals unlocked and a very static looking ‘Pledge Bar’… really? People have stumped up for this - a total of £1.2mil, probably a record since paying for a game before it was released was ever invented!

TBH My reckoning is just this once give us all the stretch goals now… seriously? only 2 stretch goals not unlocked? Their goal was £100,000,

Does anyone else feel like they’re clutching for more cash? and is there a way to convince the company that releasing the last 2 stretch goals is a nice Christmas present to all backers?

I think there are 3 stretch goals to go, the £1.3m one and two social goals.
None of these give anything physical, the two social goals are for an extra 2 chapters on Tabletop Simulator and the cash one is just more info about the future of the game. Which Modiphius will release at some point anyway.

So we are going to get 1 of the goals anyway and the others are non-cash goals that doesn’t gain Modiphius anything but free publicity. They would be nice if you play it on TTS, but that probably isn’t their main demographic.

£1.2m is pretty good for a board game, Frosthaven hit about £10m so Modiphius has a fair amount to go if they want to break records.

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When I finally found the last two stretch goals it appears they are for TTS… which personally for me isn’t really a disappointment but over this Christmas hols I’ve considered getting it for the chance to transport and play on the go via laptop