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White Box Enemies - House Rules by Oogway

So, with no official rules on the horizon for the enemies in the Masters white box my (non-scenario specific) initial ideas I’m toying with are:

As Tai-Lung, but also has Throwing Knives -> any hero on any adjacent tile to Shen will lose one (or one extra) health for an attack result on their Dial of Destiny (DoD), and yes Shen can even throw knives through walls! In Awesome mode Shen can attack up to two adjacent tiles away and in Supreme Awesome mode Shen can throw up to three adjacent tiles away… Ouch!

Gorilla Guards:
As Ox Grunts. However a DoD attack from Gorilla Guards will affect all heroes on that tile, not just the one who advanced their DoD. Kapow!

General Kai:
As Tai-Lung, but can Steal Chi -> Kai can remove the first CHI dice rolled by a hero on the same tile and move it to spent dice straight away. This is done after any CLAWS dice, but before the hero spends any dice from his dice pool. Kai can accumulate ‘stolen’ CHI and when at 4 CHI will convert one hero (the nearest one) into their jade version. Heroes using 3 CHI against Kai will convert one jade version back to a normal version. In any mode Kai may have the twin badgers as their Jade versions. In normal mode Kai may also have one hero at a time as their jade versions. In Awesome mode, Kai can have up to two heroes at a time as jade versions. In Supreme Awesome mode, Kai is not limited to any number of jade versions. Oof!

Jade Versions of Heroes
As s Wolf Boss, but will move one tile towards the nearest hero each Pause. If this results in more enemies on a tile that is allowed by the scenario, swap the jade enemy with the normal enemy and move the normal enemy to the tile which the jade enemy left. The jade twin badgers always move together and stay on the same tile together. Splat!