Silent Assassinations & Capture

Hi Modiphius team,

Just received my GameMaster Bundle, and I could not be happier !
Ahead of a mission I am about to launch, I had a few questions regarding infiltration situations.

  • If my players want to wrestle an enemy with the objective of getting ahold of them and hold a knife to their throat, would you treat that as an opposed Brawn + Fighting roll ?
  • Once the enemy is locked in this position, can he still fight to get out ?
  • I am surprised by the low damage rating of knives. How can my players use them to silently assassinate when they sneak up behind an enemy ? Would you treat that as a guaranteed success and an automatic kill ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi there! Good question with a few possible answers but here’s what I would recommend.

  1. For a wee bit of wrassling, 100% go for opposed Brawn + Fighting, thoigh arguments could also be made for Brawn + Athletics.

  2. Yes they can, Snare (the special ability some attacks have) is a perfect example of that. So another opposed check seems the simplest way of doing it.

  3. If you go to the Tools of the Trade section is has some recommendations for sneak attacks, but mostly it falls to your judgment as a GM. +3 damage and Intense has been working well for me though on a sneak attack!