Raul's ability: Old Vaquero

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Raul’s ability: Old Vaquero sais “When friendly model removed gain. Must be used on next attack”.

I was wondering how it is used for example along with Tabitha.

For example, let’s say Tabitha makes a dash within the vicinity of Raul and chooses a dice. What is meant by ‘friendly model removed gain. Must be used on the next attack’?

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Any help would be much appreciated.

My understanding is that when a friendly model is removed from play (killed), Raul gains a black or green dice which must be used during your next attack.
Going by what’s on Raul’s card, only Raul can gain the green or black dice, he doesn’t give them to other characters.

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So, for example, if Tabitha is killed near Raul, he gains black and green dice that he can use in his next attack?

I believe he gains black OR green, not both. But yes, if Tabitha were to die near him, the ability would kick in. But it’s not just for Tabitha, it’s for any friendly model.

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I was always a bit uncertain on this one myself if was a Black OR a Green die or if it was a Black AND a Green die. The card is not really clear.

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I think it’s both colours. If you have to choose one, the coloured cubes are always separated by a /.


Like Here:

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That’s a fair point. I just read it as black or green because getting both is extremely powerful.

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Raul’s probably not cool with it when his buddies get wasted. So he gets both.

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