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Which character shills can be directly used via an avatar?

When a sentient starship (or any other) character buys an avatar, which of the characters skills does the avatar get to use without paying a stunt? I can’t find it defined anywhere:
Pilot is used instead of athletics. Can a starship use manoeuvre instead, as they are unlikely to take pilot? I am guessing not, so a stunt is needed for manouver as pilot?
Which skills can directly be used? Will? Rapport? Stealth? Deceive?
Could we come up with a definitive list?
Can all skills be transferred which are not scale dependent? Is there a list of skills which are not affected by scale?

The same problem evi

Im asking the same question to myself as i am preparing my next scenario. I’ll write here what i’ll find soon.

Ok let me be clearer.

An avatar is a construct (Table 12-1 page 198). He uses Construct skills. Construc skills do Construct action (see description of every construct skills page 201+). Construct action deals with other constructs.

So an avatar and his sentient character share every skills he has that are not Physical Equipment based (the avatar doesnt have the equipment).

If an avatar want to have/use character skills (in a non construct sense) :

  • he must purchase the character skills
  • use the construct stunt that transfer one of his construct skill as a character skill (like Remote sensor package page 211)
  • use a construct skill that says “is the same as the character skill” like : Bureaucracy (if not physical gear), Contacts, Empathy, Knowledge, Provoke, Rapport, Resources (if sentient), Science, Technical (if not physical gear), Will. The avatar will have the same rank as his construct in this skills.