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[Meta] Scenes from the Human Sphere

Open meta thread for the small group/co-op PbP.

We will use this for posting PC builds, house rules, continuity changes, etc.


Jung Woo-sung

Acrobatics -/-
Close Combat 1/-
Stealth -/-

AWA 12
Analysis 1/1
Extraplanetary -/-
Observation 1/-
Survival -/-
Thievery 1/-

Athletics -/-
Resistance 1/-

Ballistics 1/1
Pilot 1/-
Spacecraft -/-

INT 11
Education 2/2
Hacking 2/2
Medicine -/-
Psychology -/-
Science -/-
Tech 2/2

PER 10
Animal Handling -/-
Command -/-
Lifestyle 1/1
Persuade 1/1

Discipline 1/-

Firewall 13
Resolve 10
Vigour 9

Info +2CD
Psy +2CD
Melee -
Range +3CD

Disciplined Student (Education)
Hacker (Hacking)
Charismatic (Persuade)
Marksman (Ballistics)
Martial Artist (Close Combat)

Powered Multitool
Repair Kit (5)
Heavy Pistol
Reload (4)
E/M Grenade
Assault Hacking Device

Lan Jun (Jun Lan if read first name and then surname)
Imperial Agent, Zhanying Rank

Zhang Wen, Police Officer. (Built using the 5LP process in the Modiphius App)

Chen Zhuang, Intelligence operative. I used the character generator app (12 point buy option)

EDIT: And, as I’m not quite sure if there was a point option chosen before, here’s a second option, with the 5 point version:

I think it was a choice. Go for a 5 point and some rolls or do a full buy out.

I went for a full 12 point buy.

Also, no use of the YJ book other than me? Also used the Aleph book to build out Lan’s geist.

Ok, so I’ll probably stick with option 2, the 6 extra languages make more sense for an intelligence operative. Unless there’s any problem with being part of the Celestial Guard, in which case I’ll revert to option 1, regular Imperial Agent.

OK, we have our 4 characters.

What I am seeing here is a ‘Special Investigations’ group drawn from across the Yu Jing Judicial Corps. Probably with a senior Imperial Agent (Crane Rank?) as the one who is in overall command and giving orders and missions. (i.e the Johnson equivalent)
Missions may involve tracking fugitives, investigating strange murders & events and even taking down Triad or foreign cells operating in Yu Jing territory. Of course you don’t hand normal investigations to an Imperial Agent to take control of…

How does that sound to people?

Sign me up for that.

Missed the original recruitment. But if you find yourselves in need of a support Hacker with a background in Internal Affairs I’m happy to drop in. :slight_smile: