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Mindjammer Errata and Clarification


is there any consolidated errata for Mindjammer 2nd Ed.?
I found the G+ group, but it seems quite old.

If nothing exists elsewhere, it would be great to collect anything worthy here.

None that I know of. Wny not start adding it here under this thread??

Yep, that’s what I intended. :wink:

Ok, let’s start with the known issues (first hardback edition), as posted in the G+ group (

The description for the Project Energy special ability (pg. 112) talks exclusively about Ranged Combat: “Gain a +2 bonus to Ranged Combat attacks with this energy; successful attacks also gain a weapon:2 rating.”

However, table entries describing its use in implementing Subdermal Projector (pg. 119), Energy Projector (pg. 123) and Energy Generation (pg. 402) also include the posibility of using it for Close or Melee combat.

There’s an error in the Belomor example on p51 - it should actually be a Mandatory Spend of 2 aspects and 1 stunt, as the Aquatic extra has a 1A cost.

Pg. 86, describing Drive, it says: “This includes remote Mindscape control of vehicles like lifters and avatars (page 259).”

However, Lifters are described in pg. 258. Pg. 259 describes Scramjet, Sea Vessel and Thriphib, which aren’t remote-controlled.

A typo in the Character Creation Worksheet (pg. 475). It says that Empathy, instead of Will, grants additional mental stress boxes.

The range entries for the grenades in Table 8-8 are 1 point too big. A frag grenade should have a range 0 area of effect - it affects the current zone in which it goes off. A rocket launcher should have a range 2 area of effect - it affects its target zone, and 2 zones either side. Gas, bio, and rad grenades fall in between.

The PDF bookmark index for vehicle listings (p. 253-267) is a bit messed up and vehicles are out of order and listed at the wrong page.

The Resources skill is listed twice in the skill pyramid for the Mining Outpost on page 263.

Pg. 39 talks about Variform Body Morphology, but all other similar references are to Variform Body Plan.

Page 58, first paragraph, there’s a reference to the “Armed Services Instrumentality”, which should likely talk about the “Armed Forces Instrumentality” instead. Accordingly the list of typical occupations for Ursoids (pg. 42) and Mechanicals (pg. 44) mention ASI Trooper, instead of AFI Trooper.

Introducing Mindjammer, pg. 6 says: “The Mindscape, a vast technological ‘shared consciousness’, links the citizens of the Commonality together”.
Then the discussion on paradigms of life in the Commonality, pg. 116: “The Mindscape is a data storage medium and not a consciousness”.

The Mindscape is a ‘shared consciousness’ in as much it holds the memories and thoughts of all its participants. It’s not conscious in its own right - it’s a medium, not a being. Although it is a bit semantic - it’s like a planet hosting life but not actually being alive per se.

Description of the Money is Power stunt (pg. 95) says “to influence corporations and large groups”. Corporation isn’t used in MJ except to refer to corporacies’ antecessors (corporations and megacorporations) or as part of a name (Murasaki Corporation).

The stunt just refers to commercial organisations in general, ie largish groups, smaller corporations, large corporacies, and so on. It’s not intended to be making a distinction between, say, corporacies and their historical predecessors at all.

The Overcome explanation for the Deceive skill (pg. 84) says: “Additionally, use Deceive to decide if a disguise is effective (whether on yourself or someone else); you need time and the appropriate gear; or do small tricks of sleight-of-hand and misdirection.”

Fate Core says: “Deceive is the skill you use for determining if a disguise works, whether on yourself or others. You’ll need to have the time and supplies to create the desired effect. (…) You can also use Deceive to do small tricks of sleight-of-hand and misdirection.”

The “Okay, Fine!” Provoke stunt.

Mindjammer: “Use Provoke instead of Empathy to learn a target’s aspects […] If the GM thinks you could learn a particular aspect this way anyway, then you gain a +2 bonus.”

FC: “You can use Provoke in place of Empathy to learn a target’s aspects […] (If the GM thinks the aspect is particularly vulnerable to your hostile approach, you get a +2 bonus.)”

Typo on page 77 in regards to GM Fate Points. Max Proffitt is listed twice in the list for the example. The second is supposed to be Jackson Stark.

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Hello is there a Traveller edition errata somewhere?
Since G+ is down, I could only find one post on the RPG net forum correcting the military class table.

None that I know of. I just looked up the discussion on the RPGnet forum you mentioned, but couldn’t find anything else either. (

From what I understand Mindjammer for Traveller is tailored to MgT. Have you searched in the Mongoose Publishing forum? For reasons I don’t want to care about my browser won’t let me open the Mongoose forum website.

Thank you for the answer!
I’ve just checked Mongoose forums but also I could not find anything there.