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Is it too late to bring up my issues with the Mindjammer setting?

Mindjammer lays out some interesting ideas and a good FATE based rule system.

But, I find myself having some issues. :frowning_face:

1 - IMHO, the “Fate Fractal” is abused. Too much is focused on culture and organizational conflict. In effect, the game is too big in scale.

2 - The setting is very HARD science fiction - which they then blow by giving the Venu psychic powers. If they were going to include psionics, then why the restrictions?

3 - Speaking of the Venu, they need to be more capable antagonists. They need to be more powerful (individually, collectively, and technologically) if they are to be a legitimate threat to the Commonality.

4 - Resource costs/requirements need to be added to aid in acquiring stuff during play. While the extras cost is fine for character creation, it doesn’t work at all after play starts. :frowning:

Do others have thoughts/comments?


Are you’re saying the Venu are too weak for PCs to engage or a credible threat to the Commonality?

Mostly on the large scale.

I think of them as quantity, not quality.