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Is it too late to bring up my issues with the Mindjammer setting?

Mindjammer lays out some interesting ideas and a good FATE based rule system.

But, I find myself having some issues. :frowning_face:

1 - IMHO, the “Fate Fractal” is abused. Too much is focused on culture and organizational conflict. In effect, the game is too big in scale.

2 - The setting is very HARD science fiction - which they then blow by giving the Venu psychic powers. If they were going to include psionics, then why the restrictions?

3 - Speaking of the Venu, they need to be more capable antagonists. They need to be more powerful (individually, collectively, and technologically) if they are to be a legitimate threat to the Commonality.

4 - Resource costs/requirements need to be added to aid in acquiring stuff during play. While the extras cost is fine for character creation, it doesn’t work at all after play starts. :frowning:

Do others have thoughts/comments?


Are you’re saying the Venu are too weak for PCs to engage or a credible threat to the Commonality?

Mostly on the large scale.

I think of them as quantity, not quality.

  1. I think this is a valid concern, but remember that for any given game you do not need to use all the tools you are given. If you want to play as small time traders making ends meet then you can safely ignore the culture stuff (although your GM might want to track the effects of trading high tech items into a primitive culture). If you want to play a more epic game about the clash of cultures however, then the tools are nice to have.
    The game is essentially modular. Take what you need and ignore the rest.

  2. as someone who loves magic and psychics I can see your point. However the commonality simply doesn’t need psychics - everything they can do can be mimicked with technology.
    The venu psychics seem to be linked to 3 space somehow. It would not be inconceivable that commonality scientists working with 3 space might find a way to replicate them. Of course 3 space seems to be occupied. Perhaps the ‘psychic’ powers are simply super science utilising the properties of 3 space. If the occupants of 3 space ‘altered’ venu psykers in some way then they might not even understand it themselves. They are just recipients of genurgic mods.

  3. I agree. The only reason the venu ever posed a threat was because the commonality were woefully unprepared. The one thing mindjammer desperately needs is a credible T9 or T10 threat. Preferably several.
    This could be internal (rival factions) which seems to be the intended default, or external.
    Currently we have Starfleet without any klingons to challenge them. It still leaves plenty of great stories, but it is a glaring omission.

  4. In play i tend to use create advantage actions to gain extras, with stunt costs being paid by adding to the GMs fate point pool for any scene where the extra is present. Extras with skills are trickier. My tendency is to class each skill point as equivalent to a stunt.

The Children of Orion SB sheds very welcomed light on the Venu. I highly recommend it!

Yes, it is a great book. Not sure it really changes the balance of power though. The commonality is not just technologically superior - it is vast

It wouldnt matter if its an enemy with a great story. Interesting, thusly usable.

I agree they are useable. And they are perfectly fine as opponents for player characters.
The wargamer in me just wants a foe that can threatens the commonality as a whole

Whew! Good MJ aint a wargame then! :upside_down_face: