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So, where is everyone?

Slightly surprised to see only one post regarding Mindjammer. I read through the old forum which had some life. Where is the centre for chat re Mindjammer? The Google+ Community?


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I too wish to know.

Is Mindjammer not doing well?

There is a Mindjammer Google+ group…

But, Google just announced that they are shutting down Google+. I have just posted there suggesting people move to this forum.

The Google+ group was also fairly inactive. I’m really not feeling the MeWe migration so hopefully it picks up here.

All right. Let’s see what we can do.

Do you know if this forum allows sub-headings or sub-threads? Can it be organized with, say, Mindjammer Campaign Ideas; Mindjammer Rules; Mindjammer Planets, etc.? Or will it always be just a list of every individual thread?

PS. Did anyone set up a Mewe group for Mindjammer? I don’t think I read anything on the Google+ Mindjammer group about that.

I see that the Google+ group for Conan has set up a Mewe group, but I haven’t seen what it is like. You have to join Mewe to see anything. Haven’t bothered yet.

I’ve added sub-categories to bring Mindjammer online with the other RPG Categories. If we see the need to add further sub-categories in the future, we will do so.

Thanks Steve? Can you move my post on the Dominion Scenario to the Mindjammer Scenarios sub-category, or, better yet, tell me how to do it?


I’ve got it moved for you.

Super. Thanks.

I gather there is a new Mindjammer group on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook and won’t. Might be suitable for new announcements and such, but doesn’t seem to be the place or structure for a real gamers’ forum.

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If there is such a group on Facebook, I am not finding it. :frowning:

Our group played for awhile but turns out as our first encounter with Fate, we are not fans and dropped out. We also felt the setting and rules left to many grey areas. Hard to explain and it was awhile ago, but we just could not get a handle on the technology.


Sorry it didn’t work out for you guys. In terms of getting a “feel” for the setting, I suggest reading the Culture novels of Iain M Banks and/or the Polity novels of Neal Asher. Bank’s books are set in a tech level even higher than Mindjammer, Ashers’ appears to be at about the same level. Both are UK authors so their books might be a bit harder to find if you are in USA.


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Thanks. I have read all the Banks books. Maybe it was not the tech, although I do remember re-reading that stuff and just not getting a feel for it. The Mindjammer bits. Fate was definitely a problem. I think the developer really did a disservice with the lack of a introductory campaign, instead of the unlinked adventures published. We played all the one set on the rebel world and I designed a couple more for after. My player, it’s a 1-2-1 group was a native, so we had him explore the world a bit more. The world was on the fringe so I worked some small details out about a star faring race of xenophobic culture. The Enigma’s. I think I was playing around with a race from the Jack Campbell books, but it was a work in progress. But they had there hooks into this world, very advanced and unknown with agents working in the Commanality. My idea was they may have planted the tech for those super jump system (forget the name). Anyway there plan was to have them spread and then use imbedded viruses to blow them up potentially destroying solar systems.
Anyway, enough of a ramble. My point is I feel there should have been a linked beginnner campaign that introduced bit by bit elements of the greater setting. Not the unconnected bits that where done.

I hear you. Pluses and minuses for either option. Interestingly it was the same situation with the first edition of Traveller more than 30 years ago (showing my age). Personally I didn’t miss an intro campaign this time. I read through the Dominion module, made some minor modifications, and then went with it for a campaign intro. But I think that one big issue with future RPGs is that there is such a huge variety of styles of play - just like the variety of future novels. Personally the Hearts & Minds scenario did nothing for me, while I think Blue is one of the best things I have ever read (not run it yet, but soon). I also found that the Companion has all kinds of hooks for adventures. To me the nice thing with using a Commonality agent background for characters is that play can be episodic - they can be assigned tasks large and small and seemingly at random. Thus grand campaign flows can be left to develop organically later if necessary.


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So, are there any MJ fans out there?

I’m a fan, but haven’t played yet… I’m considering starting something on Roll20 this year.

Chargen as we speak. A bit overwhelming.

Are people still playing this setting?