Errata feedback for Shadows of Atlantis?

Is there a place to give feedback on errata for Shadows of Atlantis?

I’m only just beginning to read the campaign, but have seen some errors already - the main ones being two issues with the “Basic Training - Surveillance” sidebar on page 19:

  1. It seems to suggest that having an Observation focus of sight will reduce the difficulty by one. This is incorrect, a skill focus doesn’t reduce the difficulty of a check.
  2. The thread addition to get 1-3 extra dice would be up to six threat, not up to three.

If I find any others I’d like to make sure the feedback gets to the correct place. Loving the campaign in what I’ve seen so far, and I’d just like to help in making the material better/accurate.


I’ll have a look at what I wrote over the weekend. It was one of the first sections I did chronologically.

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It’s a difficulty 2 test (which should also be in the text), so it requires two successes. Also the Threat cost is indeed incorrect (1/1 2/2 3/3 so 3 dice would add 6 Threat).

Agent Frank Bailey, one of the pregens, has in his listed equipment a “Superbowl Ring”.

Taking this to not be an error, he evidently has encountered some kind of time vortex to come into possession of an item that didn’t come into being until 1967.

In the India section, Devika Savarkar and her Brides of Durga are listed as having bows that do 8 dice of damage. They have all the same qualities as the bow (not the long bow) in the Player’s Guide: range medium, piercing, salvo vicious, subtle, and reliable. I’m assuming this was an error and it should be 3 dice of damage like in the PG. I didn’t see anything in the description to warrant the extreme damage that is better than a heavy machine gun.

Curare poison tipped arrows??

Yeah probably not…