2d20 Fantasy - WIP

I’m planning on creating a more generic (setting agnostic) fantasy doc that could be used by anyone (i.e. posted on DriveThruRPG). For now I’d like to get feedback on my thought process.

Here is where I’m storing the WIP files for now

Feedback on Skills
Rather than using the Six Broad Skills (Fight, Know, Move, Operate, Survive & Talk) I’m planning on using more specific skills (i.e. Expanded Skill List Variant). I’m also planning on using the Expertise and Focus variant where each skill has two ratings (Expertise / Focus)

I’ve uploaded the skill list. If you can give me some feedback on the list that would be great.

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Does Animal Handling cover riding? And why is there a skill for Sailing but not for landbound-vehicles?

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Thanks this is why I wanted some feedback
Yes I think Animal Handling would cover riding of any animal

As for Sailing perhaps a more general skill would be appropriate to encompass all vehicles or to your point adding two more skills (one for land vehicles and one for air vehicles)

This also makes me think about any PCs that have the Flight Ability … would that be tied to the Acrobatics + Agility skill for Maneuvers and Athletics + Brawn for endurance or some other skill

Question does having Parry as a separate skill make sense? or does a more general Defense skill make sense … then how does that work with Resistance?

I think I’ve come up with a better idea replacing the Sailing skill.

Vehicle Handling (not sure about the name) will be the skill. Then there will be talents for Saiilor, Wagoneer, Charioteer, Airship Pilot that will add a bonus to your skill Focus. So if you are trying to handle any vehicle you might have the skill at Expertise 1 Focus 2. But because of the Sailor talent you would have a Focus 3 when trying to operate a ship.

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I would say Sailing and Airship should be distinct from land vehicle skills.

Sailing is a combination of many skills, likewise airships use many of the same skills but in different ways. The ley difference is airships tend to be self propelled.

Driving a land vehicle has many of the same basic task descriptions but the causes and effects differ greatly from sailing. About the only task a sailor might be good at when dealing with a wagon is securing cargo.