Where are the Wave 4 and 5 card packs?

Does anyone know where you can buy the wave 4 and 5 card packs? I cannot see anywhere what is included in either said wave or where to obtain any of the wave card packs?


Here you go:

Wave 4 (Enclave)


Wave 5 (New Vegas)

Great!!! Thank you very much for clearing both questions. For the future, where do I see these Wave releases? It’s been a challenge to follow where and what is being released.

I think the best way to find out is through fallout groups on Facebook, and/or subscribing to the weekly Modiphius newsletter email (if you go to their web store, it will invariably prompt you to subscribe)

I have a gripe… I’ve just purchased and received the Wave 5 New Vegas pack and I’m confused… The cards for the game are all on A4 pieces of paper, are you expecting the customer to cut these out or something?! The quality of the paper doesn’t match the main starter box or any other Wave pack either. Can you explain is this correct?

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The cards are all on pre-punched sheets.

You should be able to easily push them out, though I advise using a craft knife to cut the connecting tabs.

If your sheets are not cut, then please reach out to customer services as that will be a production issue.

Safe to say it wasn’t an overly easy endeavour. Multiple cards ripped and tore the front facing pieces leaving the cards with obvious paper tears on the fronts and backs of the cards.

I’m not impressed with this change considering all the other card packs came ready at a cheaper price.


Wait? What? you have to pop/cut the cards out? I just ordered the New Vegas set and I guess i missed that in the item description. Why the change? Seems like a step backward to me.

Production issuea. They needes to change in order to release it in time. Otherwise, nv wave would have been pushed back by month and the prise would have increased also…

They mentioned somewhere, that the production of these cards is a pain in the …

Wonder if they ever thought of doing print on demand for those of us that still want cards? I know of a few places like drivethrurpg that will do that. I have a few games that do that :wink: I have started looking at the app since that appears to the future.

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I really hope they don’t take an app-only route. I would expect the card releases to change back to normal, even for NV, after some time. After all, the early release is done, so the actual card release following a couple months later would only be logical if the explanation with the delay is true.
If they go app-only, I guess my purchases will then be limited to the releases pre-app-only, which would be a shame :slightly_frowning_face: