What maps do you most want to see?

I’ll admit that this is partly inspired by a poll they did a while back, asking what people most wanted in an expansion for the Conan Boardgame. Can’t see seem to find that one.

I did see one or two new maps that I’d love to have for my game in the Beyond the Monolith Kickstarter, but they are not enough to warrant buying a box full of other stuff I don’t want. The Legacy though, that’s a no brainer for me.

Anyway, what I was thinking about specifically was not so much expansion content as “What kind of Conan maps do we not have that I would like to see?” I would be included the geomorph tile things and the boards from the boardgame.

One thing I do consistently miss for example, is a palace one. We do have a fortress obviously, but something that would have a proper throne room, a feast hall, a chapel, maybe a side room for a seraglio, guest chambers, treasure room or armory. That sort of thing. Need a throne to dethrone someone after all.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a wilderness map in the jungles. Not a Pictish village, but the straight up wilderness itself. Include a river or two, some streams and rocky outcroppings, maybe a small ruin or too.

Finally, something that would allow me to go in ■■■■■■■ the whole Red Nails type scenario. Enclosed alien city with bizarre technology. Choke points, haunted crypts, secret sliding doors and trap doors, maybe a multiple level mechanic and…

Wait a sec…

I just realized…

Right now, as I was writing this…


Locations in cities , e.g. Market or slums area
Water-based terrain, e.g marshland, rapids, shoreline
Some of the islands in the Vilayet Sea?
Mountain pass

Mountain pass. Hmmm we talking Ghulistan or Cimmeria? Hard to choose.

For a market or slum, we do have some of that from the board games. I would add one that is a split away. On one level show building rooftops. On the other level show the rooms beneath. Enable our heroes to constantly change elevation.

Something aquatic themed. Yeah, I do think that could be pretty solid.

For me it’s cities, cities, cities. Perhaps a large scale map that that shows the layout, locations of city walls if any, towers, keeps, etc, but not necessarily every building. But moreso, snapshots of areas of a city to give you a feel of it’s architecture and design style, how narrow or wide the streets are, whether or not streets are paved, etc.
Describing cities in this game can be tough if you want to be accurate to Howard’s visions because not all cities are represented in the stories and those that are tend to focus on one section of it.

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Cities, cities and… more cities!

What cities would you want to see a map of?

Tarantia, of course, because its the capital of the most powerful nation.
Numalia is an absolute must for me because i imagine it as a cross-roads of Hyboria and a place with a lot of variety.
But also Korshemish. I think it is one of the most intriguing cities in Hyboria.
You know where else, though? Kuthchemes. For completely different reasons, of course.


There are a great series of maps for a Castle at Maps of Mastery. Chris West is a master cartographer. Check it out.

If you’re looking for existing maps by good cartographers, I can recommend “Miska’s Maps” by Miska Fredman, and “Dyson’s Dodecahedron” by, well, Dyson. Both of whom run Patreons, but both also churn out free maps like they’re going out of style. Which they aren’t, by the way.

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There are so many cities I’d like to see. The ones named above; Tarantia for sure, but there are others as famous… Shadazar, Khemi, Agrapur, Messantia, Asgalun, Belverus, Ianthe, Kordava… you could almost say one city from each Hyborian Kingdom and a few non-Hyborian places too.