Conan Friendly Minis part 1

Hello everyone,

So recent events got me thinking about Conan and minis. This is both for the board game by Monolith and the RPG. Now I consider myself fortunate to have been aware of the Kickstarters and been able to afford them. I don’t take that for granted. However, for my upcoming games I felt like I needed EVEN MORE minis. Or to be honest, I had a lot of minis I wasn’t using and this seemed like a good opportunity. So for fun, and to hopefully help others I will post my findings on what I felt were good minis and maps.

Some things I look for are A) Equal scale, B) fits the Howardian theme and C) avoid redundancies. For example, skeleton warriors are a stock character in many of these games. We’ve already got a bunch in the base Conan set.

So in my first page, I go for some obvious low hanging fruit. The Batman game released by Monolith.

Now the maps are the correct scale, and do have zones. However, they are way too modern. Takes you out of the mood.

There were certain characters I felt with a little imagination could be used as Conan minis. I did find myself focusing on characters wielding ancient weapons of one type or another. Also, I did leave out some like hounds, Bud and Lou etc because we’ve got stuff like that in the Conan set if you got wolves. Scarecrow could also be in there, but there are plenty of freaky wizards in the Conan stuff.

Season 1



Black Canary

Green Arrow



Killer Croc (both versions)- Stand in for various monsters

Man Bat- Flying killer bat monster? Yup

Ras A Ghul

Carnivorous Plants

Wayne Manor

T-rex- Do I need to say more?

Bats- Need a flock or swarm?

Season 2

Poison ivy- Or more importantly her killer plants. Those are hard to come by.

Suicide Squad

Black Manta


King Shark

El Diablo

All the Villains from League of Assassins


What do you think? Anything I missed?