Scatter terrain and scenes... Looking for inspiration

Hello fellow Hyborians!

So, I have been thinking about where to post something like this, and I decided to do it here to support the community that plays my current favorite role play setting. I am a terrain builder. It is a wonderful hobby that I find to be very relaxing, plus it ups the quality of the table top playing experience for my players.

In practice, I have two different levels at which I build terrain. The first is the quick build of things that I know I need for this week’s campaign session. These are often built simply, taking inspiration from the likes of Crooked Staff Publishing, and others.

Then there are my more in-depth builds, taking inspiration from sources like Black Magic Craft, Bard’s Craft, and the like. I will post some pictures of these, shortly, but, for the moment, suffice it to say that these take me much longer to put together and I love folding extensive details in. I have some swamp tiles (which I have yet to use in a campaign) that have trees with lichen hanging off, skeletons of animals by the water’s edge, etc. I also have a set of market place stalls (these I have used in campaigns, to great effect!) ranging from fruits and vegetables to meats to textiles to alchemical supplies to weapons.

The big issue that I find myself having is that I can’t really use my current campaign for inspiration, as terrain elements that I need there need to be built too quickly to allow me to make them in my fancier, high-detail method. So, I’ve been looking for inspiration for ideas about what to make, as well as a place to share my projects as they are completed.

So, anyone want to join the discussion? Offer suggestions for crafting and / or share some of their own projects?

Ok. So, here are some examples of both quick builds and the more detailed stuff.

Also, I have a lot of miniatures, including those from the Monolith game, that I’m gradually trying to work my way through with painting, so I attached a picture that shows one of my recent completions, a few of the Pictish warriors.

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