What is the Starter Set status?

I am not sure if this is being followed somewhere (the search fetched no result), but what is the status of the STA Starter Set ?

The pre-order indicated Q4 of 2018, so I hope it was not meant as a fiscal year, but a calendar one :wink:

I too am interested in this as I ordered my copy of the Ops Manual along with the starter set and I’m assuming I haven’t received my copy of the former because of the starter set being delayed or something.

The starter set is around the corner. We’re receiving stock in a matter of days, and fulfilment is booked. You should see it appearing in stores in time for Christmas over the course of the next few weeks :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the update.

Awesome. Thank you. I plan to have my FLGS set one aside for me.

Have the Pre Orders started shipping yet? I also ordered the Ops Manual at the same time and are anxiously awaiting both. Thanks!

They should be! Did you get a notification from our fulfilment partner GamesQuest?

Will it be here in time for Christmas in the US? I was going to order it as a gift for someone.

Shipping confirmation received by mail yesterday at 19:00 !

Looking forward to get it before X-mas :smiley:

Got the notification on Dec 10th. Fingers crossed that it makes it before Christmas :grinning:

Any chance it would arrive for US customers by the end of the year?

Depends on your choice of shipping. If you went with standard shipping ( the default) it will take 10 to 14 days nornally. I would say slightly longer due to the holiday season. If you selected tracked shipping, which costs more but is expidited it should take 2 days to a week.

Sorry for necromancing this thread, but it seems that it’s up to date again. Will the Starter Set be back in stock any soon?

If you’re in the US, you can also get it on Amazon and GameNerdz.com (among others) for much faster.

Honestly, I’m much more interested in just getting another set of the dice from the starter set at this point. Is there any chance of those being sold separately? Those challenge dice are so much cleaner…


Yup, me too.
I mean, I have each of the department sets but the Challenge Dice from the starter set are superb!

In a response to an inquiry to Modiphius’ email support, @Modiphius-Lloyd (or a supporting character bearing his very name) stated that, at the moment, there a no plans to restock the Starter Set.

What a pity. :frowning:

I honestly can’t understand that. Keeping a Starter Set and the Corerules in print seems to me like a no-brainer… Especially if said Starter Set sold out and was as well recieved and done as is. I just don’t get this.


In short: RPG publishers are generally relatively small businesses, so the cost of any decision needs to be carefully weighed. Printing too much of something and having it in sat in storage is an ongoing cost, but printing too little increases per-unit costs, so there’s a balance to be struck between the two extremes.

And with each print run of something, expected sales diminish - each time, there are fewer customers left who might buy it but haven’t gotten it yet - so each new print run becomes a tougher decision to make… and there are variables for that decision that differ with each publisher, each license, with each product line, with each book.

In summary: there are lots of tough decisions that go on behind the scenes of RPG publishers, that might not necessarily make sense if you can only see the surface/external end of it (whether or not something is in stock and available to buy).

I’ll put this in here, because it may be interesting if Modiphius should decide to have another run of the Starter Set: Why is there a token for Lt Natala but now chracter sheet? She’s with the free Quick Start Rules, but not with the Starter Set. When I ran the first adventure of the set yesterday, I was a bit confused to see her missing…