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Star Trek Adventures Dice

Do you have an expected release date for the new Sciences, Command & Operations dice sets? I like the new look that I have seen as preorders. Those sites project “End of October”…


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I don’t know what sites you’re referencing. It’s possible (likely) that many stores and distributors farther along the supply chain will get their dice from the main distributors late enough to warrant an October projection, but the dice will be available sooner than that. Can’t speak to how long shipping will take to get to you, though. The world’s shipping and supply chain is bonkers right now.

Tangentially related, Jim: Do you have any news on the US warehouse/store that Modiphius is establishing?

Last I heard, they’re testing and it should be open soon.

Cool, thanks!!

Can you please make the dice roll more evenly! I am really tired of rolling so many 20’s! I have become the symbol of death, disease, and chaos because of my command dice set! It is astounding how many natural 20’s I roll. WAIT! A scathingly brilliant idea! Use my ST dice for Pathfinder, and my Pathfinder dice for ST:A! BRILLIANT!

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A counter-balance to Teela Brown, I guess.

I got the dice. Packaging is AWESOME!! Dice color… not so much. If you are going to put black numbers on a 20-sided die, the color of the die can not be drab. These dice need to be brighter. Make those changes on your next production run and you will have a great set of dice to go with the game.

We went with the pantone colors CBS provided in their branding guides for the dice. We’ll look into making the number ink more contrasting in future production runs. Thanks!

Are there any that you’d say are easier or harder to read than others? I’m planning on placing an order so that I have a set of actual challenge dice and was thinking of going for the divisions dice bundle, but maybe I’d be better to go for a triple pack of a single colour?

I have yet to receive my divisions dice bundle, but on the old division style dice, I had no problems reading the dice (despite of the star-sparkles, those dice had). In order of readability, high to low, I’d judge those to be yellow > red > blue.

Judging by the pictures on the website, this order might have changed with regard to red and blue.

If you need high-readability, I’d recommend to with yellow, as yellow/black is probably the highest contrast in the set.

I placed my order four weeks ago, now, and the email told me to expect up to three weeks for delivery. I’ll probably check in with Modiphius next week on the status and will update here, when I got the dice. :slight_smile:


Thanks! It’s not a massive issue for me - I have enough other d20s and really just want the challenge dice, but one of my friends is partially-sighted and I just know that when I’m running late I’ll end up grabbing the dice that are hardest to read without thinking :sweat_smile:

Unboxing video if anyone is interested:


Great, thanks for the video! (That also reminded me that I wanted to reach out to Modiphius’ support :smiley: )

According to the video, I’d actually rate them blue > yellow > red, in order of readability.

Already very excited to see with my own eyes, hopefully soon! :smiley:

Where did you get the custom hat?

The folks from the USS Pioneer campaign mailed it to me as a thank-you. I assume they got it off a local shop or etsy. I got some custom hats made for my campaign from Etsy a few years ago. I believe there are a few groups out there offering customized Trek hats.


I just got my dice set (what a day! Shackleton Expanse pre-order AND dice!!).

I’d still go with the yellow as those with best contrast, followed by blue, and then red. In total, they’re more tiedied up, yet more… tarnished and look a bit darker, in total.

The challenge dice are wonderful, regarding the d20, I think I actually prefer the Q-Workshop designs. :slight_smile:

Edit: If I were Modiphius, I’d go with white numbers for red and blue, to achieve more contrast. Yellow’s numbers should stay black, though. @Modiphius-Jim


Great, thanks for the update. Shackleton Expanse + dice order here I come!

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