What is the newest version of the LARP rules?

I have V5 for my tabletop and decided to check into the LARP side of things but I’m wondering what is the newest version of the LARP rules, please?

That would probably be the VtM: Mind’s Eye Theatre from 2013.
It’s a pretty decent set of rules, comprehensive to the point of having a lot clans and bloodlines ready for play. On the other hand, it’s pretty complex compared to V5 and the storyline is very different from the one that they’ve set forward in V5.

But, it’s the best version we got until there’s a V5 version.

Officially it has to be the VtM Mind’s Eye Theatre rules.

It could be done, however, with the V5 rulebook if you simply work on the basis of playing freeform (as advised in the V5 book) and using the ‘take half’ rules to determine what you can or can’t do. To be sure, it’s what people did with the first two editions of the game, before the MET rules were released in about 1993. You could just add an easy paper-rock-scissors dynamic to resolve conflicts from then on.

I’m not sure what the new White Wolf plans are for MET as of yet, although they are still owners of the IP. What I hope is that they just make a set of simple rules in a small, hand-holdable book or booklet even, at a low cost. This way, it should maximise opportunities to get the rules promoted to a wider community, who can use them in actively in a game (ever tried using a 400+ page book in a liveaction event?!). If player wants more lore and things to read/buy, then they should move to the V5 corebook, which would be emminently doable if they tried to make the rules seamlessly compatable.

Depends where you are. Established groups tend to edit their own rules. I’m in South uk and we play different rules to my German friend for example.