What are your campaigns about?

Thinking of running a JCOM Campaign after we wrap up our current STA one. I have the phantoms of mars book, but was wondering what kind of campaigns are you running?
Do you create new cities? Are they air pirates/privateers?

Looking for inspiration

I popped together a few quickies…for players to get used to the rules and such. Runaway prized albino thoat gets into the Helium forest, as while stalking it, the players locate a camp of spurs and assassins from another city. Classic intrigue with tracking and unfolding spy plot.

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Going to be creating hidden fortresses and stuff… probably be a new cliff side city or something.

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Would be very interested to hear more about a hidden city

The Black Martians are pretty well known for being air pirates, the green martians are pretty well known for being raiders (both of these dependent on the time frame they are run in). could do intrigue with the white martians like they do in phantoms of mars. could do a rags to riches campaign using the gladiatorial rings.

I have my players chasing after a set of Firstborn artifacts with powerful and poorly understood telepathic properties. Starting in Hastor, the quest has taken them to Zodanga, a lost city of the Orovars, Ptarth, and the Toonolian Marshes. Currently, they are prisoners aboard a Firstborn warship- separated from their NPC patron and en route to some unknown destination…

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This sounds familiar… :parachute:

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I am currently running a game which is a cross over, the humans started as call of Cthulhu characters, they have now been transported to Mars via a crystal portal, and though they don’t know it have to avert an attack on Earth (war of the worlds) plotted by Serpent people who are hiding out on Barsoom.
There’s more to it than that, that’s just a brief overview.


Sounds really evil. Did Barsoomian characters join the party?

My current campaign has been mostly centered on the besieged city of Kobol, but it is only the first phase of the war against the Sarmak (H.G. Wells martians)…

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