Airship Combat and Airship Stats

Is there a JCOM supplemental publication out now or in the works that will cover airship combat ( ship-to-ship and ground-to-ship ) and detailed airship types with weapons and stats or were these activities always intended to be resolved using house rules? Thank you in advance for any assistance!

We will be doing one, but it’s not currently available. No eta at this time.

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I was just informed, that will be in the Dotar Sojat era book.



Does Modiphius have plans for a full line of John Carter books then?

I am a Kickstarter backer and I can verify there are Airship rules in the preview that I received a copy of weeks ago.

The planned books are:

(Now in stores)
Core Rulebook
Phantoms of Mars Campaign Guide

(This summer)
Dotar Sojat Era Guide
Prince of Helium Era Guide
Jeddak of Jeddaks Era Guide

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Fantastic! Can’t wait! Do you know which month(s) the expansions are coming out?

They said sometime after July, but it seems the line is running late overall.

Just finished “Princess of Mars.” There’s a section where “battleships” rise above enemy ships and drop batteries of bombs from above. ‘Also a section where large ships full of Thark warriors are at a higher altitude than enemy ships and the Thark warriors release a torrent of radium rifle fire upon the ships below them with great effect. Rules for altitude anyone; an Opposed roll to determine which ship has the drop on another ?