Wave 6 Balancing/ New Point Costs

Hi everyone,

how do you guys feel about the follwing change? I am aware that we are not able to make everybody happy but let me know what you think. Lets please keep it to this few cards…
Conspirant 41
Private 58
Sergeant 72
Commander 90
Tessa 117
Baker 110
Clint 115

Other changes:
Railroad heavy 76
Railway rifle 13

Grognak 160
Swan 1 235
Swan 2 215
Yau guai 260
Glowing yau guai 275

Hay you forgot yao guai, and grognak.
My little changes
Commander >
Conscript <
RR heavy <
Rifle 10-12 (look at combat rifle)

How about adding pam and curie to robot list?

Updated and also added swan. Regarding the robots, we wven wanted to add raul to super mutants, but sadly they didn’t add it…

I’d like to express my respect and admiration for reacting so quick. I thought they’d be like that for a good couple of months. So thank you for trying to change them so fast.
That being said, I think that changing the points by 5 for everyone won’t do enough, but I think that’s better than nothing. My big problem with gunners is that they have so many abilities baked into their cards or passives. Other factions have to struggle or pay a lot to unlock those, but gunners have them for free. Compare for example conscript, who at 43 points is still busted next to a civilian ranger for 60 points. But thank you anyway for trying to fix them, I’d be happy even if the changes stay at what you’ve presented here.


Its not administration and not official fix :slight_smile: just community offer

Hey gang,

This is good stuff! I would encourage you all to get games in with anything that sticks out because it’ll help with anything you propose.

As ever, games on the table are the most useful data!

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Did a small update on the gunners