Vulcan ship examples or floor plans?

Ok yet again, showing my inexperience and limited Star Trek knowledge here.

What are good examples of Vulcan ships and are there any good maps or floor plans for them ?

I would assume (but assuming is always dangerous) the best source for them is from the Enterprise TV show. However, since during the time that show was on I was out of the states for the vast majority of the time I never watched more than a show or 3 of the series.

I know there is what 1 maybe 2 Vulcan ships in the Bata Quad source book ( I don’t have my pdfs here with me to check for sure on how many), but is there any other sources ?

If I remember correctly there was hostility between Vulcans and the … ??? Andorians I think ??? and if so the Vulcans should have various classes of war ships and also merchant ships above and beyond the science vessel in the Beat Quad source book.

The golden age of deck plans was TNG and there are some DS9, VOY and Movies ones. But Vulcan ships are very niche, so I doubt that there are any out there.

This is the best resource for deck plans:

I haven’t seen any Vulcan or Andorian ships. Those would have been a nice addition to the ENT Crew PCs, kind of like a mini era book.

There is the Vulcan Science Academy Survey Vessel in the Alpha Quadrant book, but that doesn’t really represent the Enterprise Vulcan ships (Suurok and D’Kyr class).