Kirk-era civilian starships?

I didn’t see any threads on this topic: does anyone know of any resources for Kirk-era civilian starships? Freighters, transports, yachts, and the like?

(I’ve seen plenty of official, semi-official, and fan-created Starfleet vessels, but can’t think of any civilian commercial or pleasure vessels. I don’t remember any ever being shown onscreen in the original show or the cartoon. At first I thought of the Antares class from “Charlie X,” but apparently that was Starfleet, too.)

There’s the Aurora and the Woden.

(Update: Sorry, Memory Alpha says that the Woden was Starfleet).

More edit: we don’t see the Spacematic on screen, but apparently a model of it exists in the shuttlebay of the K-7 station).

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There should be numerous ships like freighters and such that are not Starfleet. You could take the J-class and Y-class freighters. They are technically from the Enterprise-era, but somehow I don’t think the overall design of freighters changes much.

Sarek’s cruiser from Discovery is possibly also a civilian ship.

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