Civilian Ships, Where to Find?

Sorry if this is blindingly obvious but are there any stats for civilian startships anywhere.

A lot of the older star fleet ships can be given to civilian groups rather than being mothballed. Infact, some classes, like the Oberth and the Sydney class definitely have civilian counterparts and i could potentially see some miranda class going that way by the time of TNG as well.

as to dedicated civilian ships. I cant think of any stats off hand, but then, i’ve only really read the core and command division bookes.

The quadrant books have selections of ships in them, as do some of the various adventures we’ve published.

The Sydney class is in the command book and it is essentially a civilian vessel. In The Wrath of Khan, the Oberth is basically a civilian vessel. As for stats like Ahnaka Hansen’s “Raven,” . . . I dunno, might have to make them up. Maybe use the stats for the NX 01, but scales down to size 2?

The Beta Quadrant book has basic sample stats for five civilian ships. One example of each type.

Colony Ships
Survey Ships
Vulcan Science Academy Survey Vessel