Venom on the Wind momentum spends

Venom on the Wind is listed as lasting 1 scene per Momentum spent. Does this mean that the damage for the various momentum spends for this spell (pg. 189 of the core rulebook) is applied in every round of that scene, or just once at the start of the scene? If the latter, what is the point of the spell lasting an entire scene?

I think it depends on the source of the damage. Call the Tempest indicates that the damage is done once per scene I would generally rule that Lash of the Heavens and The Pelting Hail would add damage to Call the Tempest and would only occur once per scene. However, depending on the needs of the story or the player, I might have it do damage more often.

This isn’t D&D magic, it is more squishy than legal. So when an NPC sorcerer is using Venom on the Wind, I would have damage occur the first time characters head out into the storm, if there is no shelter where they can take cover, then that’s it for damage. If the goal is to use the storm to drive the characters into a shelter where they can be captured by trained apes and brought before the sorcerer for sacrifice, then they might take damage if they stay out in the storm longer.
If a PC is casting the spell, what are they attempting to accomplish? Destroy their enemies? Is this a final scene of the adventure? If so, the spell contributes to wiping out minor opposition and preventing archers from being effective, but does not win the day on its own. If not, sure, it chases away the minions guarding the entrance to the creepy temple. In general, let the spell do what the PC wants it to.

Thanks for your input, Toby. It’s actually a villain that will be casting the spell - an intelligent man-ape! He’ll be using it to disoriented and delay the PCs approaching a cliff face to climb up and deal with him at the top of the cliff. That will take them at least 3 rounds to do, and I think applying it once is trivial damage for the PCs. Although perhaps I should throw in difficulty increases to climbing the cliff based on Hail from Lash of the Heavens, as well as slippery mud, etc

The damage may be trivial and that’s Ok, don’t forget that 4CD of damage averages to 3-4 vigor, which is about 1/3 to 1/2 of a typical PC’s vigor. Adding in increased difficulty, preventing ranged attacks both of those would be perfect for the situation. If they fall off the cliff face, they’ll be taking even more damage. Have them lashed by hail or lightning when the reach the top of the cliff and then don’t forget the threaten attack that can be used after casting a spell, it can do a boat load of resolve damage. Good luck!

Thanks. Mental damage is still a weak point for my PCs :slight_smile: