Ghosts of thunder river = tpk

Not sure if we did something horribly wrong but when we ran up against the baddy at the end of the adventure we got brutality murdered.
The fully resurected sorcerer guy one shot each of our three players with his tear out the heart attack. Multiple effects rolled with piercing, intense and vicious hurts really bad.
Did my players miss something to do or is the big bad just that scary. We are all new to this system still and we all felt like wow, that was brutal

I haven’t had the chance to run this adventure yet, but indeed his attack is powerful. Piercing, Vicious and Intense are quite heavy combination if you roll good (or bad… if you are the target of this attack :smiley: ).

How many people were in your party? Were they already hammered down by previous encounters? Having wounds that open up in the middle of the fight is guarantee for death if you are lacking any Fortune points.

The encounter with this guy can be easy-mode if the party is on full health or disaster if they have depleted their resources and are already stripped of armor and other wound negating items :slight_smile:

We had three players. Two tanks and a squishy type. We started the boss fight at full health- combination of luck and clever tactics. Our fortune points got ate up quickly in the last fight. GM was spending doom like it was candy to pump the boss.

There was a poster in the old forum lamenting eggsactly the opposite: the boss got wiped out by the party in one round!

Quite often single nemesis can’t withstand full party… I always make things more difficult by adding environmental and terrain challenges and/or extra enemies to support.

And most monsters in the rulebooks are challenge for starting characters… give 2k xp and thoeir stats and abilities are no longer a problem… unless in numbers

Unless I misremember, that spell is D4 to cast, so should be difficult to cast and generate momentum at the same time. Certainly if the GM had loads of Doom to start it might go bad for the PCs. It might be a pretty even fight for my 3 players. If I wasn’t able to take down the melee PC fast it would probably be over pretty quickly for the sorcerer. I suppose you could spend Doom as Fortune to generate auto successes, but I sort of consider that to be a d**k move.

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I thought you could only do 2 harms with a single attack. So even if you roll 50 damage you do one harm for reducing to 0. And one harm for losing 5 or more in a single go.
You could then opt to lose your armour or shield. So the first time per scene it is one harm.
So i can’t see how you can one shot a pc.

Am i missing something?

1 Wound for dropping to 0 Vigor
1 wound for taking 5+ damage in an attack
1 wound for intense.

The one shot shouldn’t be possible, but if they had a wound already it would, and being at +3 difficulty is gonna…be bad…