V1.5 - Vault-Tec Simulator

So this has released on DriveThruRPG.

I’m not certain how to interpret the term “V1.5” against the description that it is an “alternative” system.

Is this intended to replace the original ruleset or is it just another option?

Modiphius Ben

As for “who is this for?” VTS is, at its core, for people who want to try FWW but find the core system a bit daunting! We know FWW is a big game, with a lot of moving parts and for those who want to try it, its easier to present them with a slimline version, a diet FWW if you will. In addition, the transfer of the games rules into this format means that anyone who wants to try the game - can. With or without the (and I use the word lightly) official models.

So in essence? This is the version of FWW for those who want to dip their toe in, before commiting to the plunge of the full game.


Has there been a typo on this rule set with the advantage system??
It makes gunner Commanders, minutemen, Ronnie Shaw and the tactician leader card obsolete