Using the TCG Dune: Judge of the Change/Eye of the Storm, etc, as inspiration

I’ve been playing in a 2d20 Dune game lately and the topic of Kanly and vendetta came up, and I’ve found that perusing my old decks of cards from the Dune: Judge of the Change TCG is super useful for inspiration.

In the game, I brought up the ideas of " Kanly Omissia" and “Honorarium Familia” and we had an investigation into archaic kanly by-laws to prevent two Houses from going to war in-game. (Fun stuff!) I recommend any who have them not to ignore this potential treasure trove of ideas!


If people don’t have any sets (you can still occasionally find them for sale, individual cards aren’t worth it though) then there is a database online with them all.
If nothing else they have wonderful artwork.

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